Friday, July 29, 2011

Mommy's Home

Whenever I leave my house, even for the simplest errand, when I return home and the girls or my husband hear the opening of the door leading to the garage heralding my return, I always hear "Mommy's home."  This is usually followed by the pounding of running feet.

For over a month I have been MIA and have found myself for the first time in about a year and a half not thinking about my blog on a daily basis. When I did find myself thinking about my blog, I wondered if I would be able to find the words to tell more stories.  At those moments, my mind felt as though it was a blank chalkboard with nothing written on it. A clean slate.  Empty with only streaks from being wiped clean by an overly zealous hand.  It was as though all my words had dried up along with the moisture on the chalkboard.  Then, I found panic setting in.  Where did all of my words go?  What if I was away for to long and I couldn't get my groove back?  What if no words came when I did sit back down to write?

In the last month I found myself to tired and exhausted to write regularly.  Thank you cards have been the extent of my writing in that time.

For the last week I found myself putting "write a blog entry" on my to-do list.  Yet, I found every excuse not to sit down at the computer to write.  I felt anxious and worried.  It was silly to almost be scared of my computer screen...

This morning I finally just did it.  Once I sat down, the words just flowed...

Why have I been MIA for over a month?

A new bundle of joy has joined our family.  His nickname is Ry.  He arrived almost a week after his due date.  He's met most of his family and many of our friends so it seemed fitting to finally let him "meet" you all.

Mommy's home again.  Starting next week, I'll be writing on a regular basis again.  In the short time I have settled in front of the computer this morning, I do feel as though I am home again. I've also realized how much I have missed sitting here in the early hours tapping on the keyboard while everyone else is asleep and with my ears straining to hear any sounds of stirring overhead.

Home sweet home.