Friday, June 17, 2011

Rockin' The Bump

Shell over at Things I Can't Say is hosting Rockin' the Bump. Do you have fun pics of you rockin' your pregnancy bump?

Pics of me being pregnant with the kids?

Uh...there are not many.  There are probably more of me from my pregnancy with Emily because of the prerequisite baby shower.  I had to really search for some.

In all honesty in most pics I am usually the one behind the camera and being pregnant is no exception!

The pic below is of me pregnant with Baby #1!

Pregnant w/ Baby #2 on our Babymoon to Mystic, CT
(I made a lot of people nervous including the owners of the B&B we stayed at even though I wasn't anywhere close to my due date.)

This was taken just a few weekends ago at our goddaughter's baptism in MA with my pregnancy bump with #3.

I have less than two weeks to go before #3 arrives (unless he makes an earlier entrance) which is why I have been writing so sporadically.  Hopefully, within the next few weeks I'll get in the groove again but for now I am just enjoying my family, focusing on whats important, and relaxing before things get seriously crazy.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Men & Shots

"Why don't you ever believe me?"my husband always asks.

I could say the same.

While getting the girls ready for bed last night, my husband called up the stairs asking if I had any hydrogen peroxide.  After searching both of the upstairs bathrooms and only coming up with a bottle of alcohol I had to tell him no.  I went downstairs with the bottle in hand, asking my husband from the stairs why he needed it.

He didn't answer right away.  I found him standing in the kitchen with one shoe on and bloody footprints leading into the downstairs bathroom.

Apparently he had stepped on a nail while working outside and it went through his shoe into his foot.

My husband refused to believe me that he needed a tetanus shot.  With his manly bravado he humphed and sneered.    I tried persuading him, harassing him, and then finally guilted him into going.  My trump card was "if you don't go get a tetanus shot, I'm going to worry so much it will send me into labor." 

His reply?  "I'll ask Google."

For once Google and I agreed.  Off he went to the emergicenter to get a tetanus shot.  I couldn't even hold his hand since I had to stay with the girls who were already sound asleep.

Poor guy.  All that hard work today and he ends up in the doctor's office needing a shot.  I'm sure that wasn't the ending to his day that he was expecting.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Running the Bases

Every summer I have a to-do list of places to visit or things to do as a family.  Fun things.  That hasn't changed even though it is a pretty short list since Baby #3 is due in about 4 weeks.

One of those things was to attend the local AAA minor league ball game with the kids and let Emmy run the bases afterward which they do at every Sunday home game.

Since both girls have a short attention span and we have season tickets, we arrived late, really late, in the 7th inning late.  The girls were mesmerized by the people and the cheering and the action on the field.  Emmy was upset that she forgot her pom-poms to cheer them on.  I of course forgot to grab them from the table when we left.  She kept reminding me throughout the rest of the game.

During the 9th inning, kids and their parents start lining up to run the bases after the game and when the game is over they are led down to the field itself.

 Emmy holding her dad's hand in the 90 degree heat

Emmy was at the front of the line.  The kids ran from first base to home plate.We weren't sure how well this was going to go.  Emmy was a bit younger than most of the other kids. We debated whether my husband should go with her or try to let her do it on her own since each child went one by one.  We decided we'd let her try it on her own and if she got scared we would run out to get her.  We were standing between first base and home plate so we weren't far away.

When Bob stepped out of line, Emmy was looking around for him to keep him in her sights.

We needn't have worried.  When she was 4th in line, she bolted.  The stadium worker who was high fiving the kids to give them their okay to run stood there bewildered and laughing as this little peanut started running towards second base.  My husband stood next to me laughing and joking that this was going to end badly.

Emmy crossing home plate

It didn't.  She even stopped so she could tag the second base before running for third and she didn't stop until she made it to home plate where she ran to her dad.

She even wanted to do it again!

Do you ever find yourself underestimating your kids?  And what's on your summer fun list?