Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bounce Dryer Bar Review

I love the smell of dryer sheets.  I am not a fan of doing laundry but I can honestly say if I had a favorite part, it would be pulling the clothes out of the dryer and inhaling their clean scent.  Of course, I am kind of bad about remembering to put in the dryer sheets.

I recently reviewed the Bounce Dryer Bar and was a little leery of the fact that I was going to be placing what looked like a heavily scented bar of soap into my dryer (with my clothes). 

It was easy to install.  All I had to do was clean an area in the dryer between the dryer fins, peel off the backing from the bar, and press the side with the adhesive strip onto the drum of the dryer. 

The big question I'm sure your wondering was how did it work?  It worked just like a dryer sheet.  The scent that lingered on the clothes wasn't that overwhelming like I had worried it would be.  None of the clothes were stained or damaged in any way and I left one load in overnight and some of the clothes laid directly on top of the bar.  The clothes were also free of static just like with a dryer sheet. 

The advantage of the bar is that I don't need to remember to put a dryer sheet in with my wet laundry.  The bar should last about 2 months (obviously, how often you use your dryer and the settings you use will affect how long it lasts). When it is time to replace the bar, a replacement indicator will appear. The holder does not need to be replaced-only the bar. 

Would I recommend the Bounce Dryer Bar?  Yes, I would since it does eliminate the need for moms to remember putting in a dryer sheet and then having to search for the dryer sheet when sorting and folding the clean laundry. And just as importantly, it works just as well as a traditional dryer sheet. 


MommyLovesStilettos said...

I just bought one of those about 2 weeks ago and I love it!

Lourie said...

Hmmmm....I am trying to remember if I have heard of these. They sound cool. And I love the smell a clean dry clothes too.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Love the blog! I am a follower now! Thanks for stopping by yesterday! So glad you did so I could find your site too! Love it! Have a fabulous day!
XOXO Jessica

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