Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Men & Shots

"Why don't you ever believe me?"my husband always asks.

I could say the same.

While getting the girls ready for bed last night, my husband called up the stairs asking if I had any hydrogen peroxide.  After searching both of the upstairs bathrooms and only coming up with a bottle of alcohol I had to tell him no.  I went downstairs with the bottle in hand, asking my husband from the stairs why he needed it.

He didn't answer right away.  I found him standing in the kitchen with one shoe on and bloody footprints leading into the downstairs bathroom.

Apparently he had stepped on a nail while working outside and it went through his shoe into his foot.

My husband refused to believe me that he needed a tetanus shot.  With his manly bravado he humphed and sneered.    I tried persuading him, harassing him, and then finally guilted him into going.  My trump card was "if you don't go get a tetanus shot, I'm going to worry so much it will send me into labor." 

His reply?  "I'll ask Google."

For once Google and I agreed.  Off he went to the emergicenter to get a tetanus shot.  I couldn't even hold his hand since I had to stay with the girls who were already sound asleep.

Poor guy.  All that hard work today and he ends up in the doctor's office needing a shot.  I'm sure that wasn't the ending to his day that he was expecting.

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Ms Bibi said...

It's sad that our husbands won't believe us unless Google tells them so, but I'll take that victory anyway,lol.

Great use of the early labor card...love it!

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