Monday, February 13, 2012

My Offline Life: To Many Hobbies To Little Time

In the last month and a half after the craziness of the holidays, I've suddenly developed this insatiable urge to take up new hobbies.  Maybe it is because I've tried to detach myself somewhat from this online world in which I was spending to much time and needed something to do besides cleaning.  Who doesn't have something better to do than cleaning? If you have been reading for awhile you have probably realized I have a love, hate relationship with cleaning.  Sometimes I find it therapeutic and other times, I try to avoid it all costs.

Last year if anyone had asked me what my hobby was, I would say blogging. Suddenly I've been inundated with messages about Blogger Friend Connect going away for non-Blogger blogs and Pinterest (which I haven't even let myself delve into because hello new online addiction) and I've realized how way behind on the latest news I really am. 

Suddenly, I've developed a crafting streak.  Barrettes, photography, handmade bracelets, sewing...things I never made time for before, I'm suddenly making time for.

My writing has gotten a bit more sporadic, my house isn't as clean as I normally try to keep it, and projects get started and get left laying around for days at a time but I am slowly becoming a bit more mellower with the chaos.  I was so excited to get my organic muslin for produce bags that I tore open the package while I was still in the driveway. Note to our houseguests this weekend: please don't be offended by the boxes of kiddie toys and clothes waiting to find homes sitting in the hallway. I needed to clear out the guest room so you had a place to sleep.
Did I mention my husband has agreed to remodel our kitchen? What had started as a painting project has turned into a complete remodel.  Stacks of granite samples are sitting on the counter. We even had flooring samples strewn on the floor at one point as we tried to imagine what the finished product would look like. My file folder is about two inches thick with quotes and ideas of what "I" want.

Apparently my husband has been feeling the need for a project to.  Originally, we were hiring people to do the whole project.  Now, my husband is thinking about installing a tile floor and backsplash himself

At least I've found lots of new material to write about!

Have you found yourself taking up new hobbies?


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

OH my gosh, the kitchen remodel sounds fabulous! Messy, but fabulous.

Love that you've been getting your craft on too. I don't think too much has changed with me, but I sure would like to spend some more time scrapbooking again!

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