Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Awards II

Hi! My name is Joy and I am a procrastinator... Seriously, I am. I try so hard not to be that way but sometimes it seems that the harder I try, the worse I get. Several people were kind enough to give me awards awhile ago (and I do mean awhile ago) and I am just now getting around to returning the favor. 

I received the Best Blog Award from Tanya of The Grab Bag and from CityGirlGoneCountry awhile ago (as in several months ago) and have delayed in passing them on. If you haven't already checked out The Grab Bag or City Girl Gone Country, please do so. They have wonderful blogs and I know I have enjoyed reading them.

The rules to accept this award are:

To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!
Remember to contact the bloggers you've awarded to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are the bloggers to who I am passing this award:

I also received the One Lovely Blog Award from "Deal"ightfully Frugal awhile ago and also from Finding Michelle. Again I have been a little slow in passing on this honor. "Deal"ightfully Frugal is a very inspirational blog so stop on over if you haven't checked it out. Finding Michelle is wonderfully written and you'll enjoy traveling with Michelle as she finds herself.

The rules to accept this award:

Accept this award and post it on your blog.
link back to the blog you received it from.
Pass the award to fifteen blogs you have newly discovered.
Be sure to contact them to let them know they have been awarded.
Here are the blogs to whom I am passing this award:

I also received the I Love Your Blog Award from Finding Michelle. Thanks, Michelle! I am passing this award on to some blogs that I enjoy reading. Here they are:

The Stroller Ballet 
Of Mice and Ramen
Faithfully Frugal and Free

This past week I was given two new awards.  I am not procrastinating this time. I am learning. Consider this  my attempt at working on keeping the New Year's Resolution that I didn't make.  
I received this award from Turning the Clock Back last week.  If you haven't checked out her blog yet please head over there.  She has lots of great information about how we can take be more eco-friendly in our day to day lives.
Here are the rules:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post,
Pass the award onto 12 bloggers,
Link the nominees within your post,
Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Da...da...da..dada... da...the bloggers I am passing this award on to are :

To accept the "Happy 101 Award" I need to:
1. Acknowledge the person who gave it to me
2. List ten items that make me happy, and
3. Award it to ten other bloggers.

I received this award from JDaniel's Mom recently.  She has some great resources for moms and some great giveaways on her site.
10 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. My husband and daughters laughing.
2. Chocolate (Any chocolate will do.  I have a special affinity for Hershey's because of childhood memories.)
3. Umbrellas and galoshes in funky and whimsical patterns.  They make me smile on rainy, dreary days.
4. Snuggling under several blankets at bedtime.
5. Gathering with friends at our house.  
6. Traveling.
7. Shoes (There is no such thing as to many shoes.)
8. Vintage hats (my collection started as a joke and it grew with the help of family and friends)
9. The smell of fresh laundry.
10. Getting lost in a book.

Here are the bloggers to who I am passing this award:

Since it took me three days to finish compiling this list that I started awhile ago, it will probably take me awhile to get around to all of these amazing bloggers.

Have a great Monday, Everyone.  Repeat after me, "snow, snow, go away...."  Another snowstorm is forecasted for tonight.  Yippee. (Yup, that was sarcastic.)  Tomorrow is Fashnacht Day and what would it be without a doughnut run????


Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Wow, thanks lady! I am painfully behind on my rewards posts... I mean, like months and months and months behind. How long can I go on calling it "procrastination"?

Confessions From A Working Mom

Wonderfully Chaotic said...

No need to let me know - I just read it! hehe. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! :)

CynthiaK said...

Hey, thanks! And wow, what a powerhouse award post that was! I, too, have been procrastinating...isn't that the trend these days?!

Oh, and if you wouldn't mind sending some of that snow up to the western part of Canada, where the freaking winter olympics are currently taking place and seems we Canadians can't produce snow for, please ship it up here! We must have done something pretty bad for Mother Nature to decide that this week it should snow in 49 States but not in Canada where the winter olympics are. Sigh...

Anyway, after that little rant, thanks again for the award!! :)

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Wow! Thanks for the award. And congrats, to you!!

Daisygirl said...

OH my gosh that is a lot of awards! How awesome and that was sure a lot of work for you to do...
Thank you for recognizing me...I will totally repay my thanks to you on my blog tomorrow! ;)

JoAnna said...

Wow.....Congrats on all your lovely blogs:) well deserved!!

Amber said...

Thank you so much for the award for! I'll be posting the award blog (and a link back) ASAP (I, too, am a bit of a procrastinator on these sorts of things, but I'm trying to do better!).

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your awards!

Joy@TPMG said...

Thanks, Ladies and congrats to you also!

Cynthia K-Mother Nature Nature must be confused. She forgot that it was you guys who ordered the snow. I would love to send all of our snow up your way (I must admit though our little snowstorm never happened last night-those meteorologists got everyone in a tizzy over nothing).

Sherry said...

Thanks for the award!! I'll return the favor when I get a chance. Also don't feel guilty about not taking your daughter out very much. It's hard when they're little. Mine are all 4 and up now, and I went through that same stage with them. It's so mice that then can go out by themselves now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

Congrats on your awards!! You really have a great blog :-))

Momrempel said...

Thank you so much for the award! I love that you love my blog:)

Kristi said...

WOW! Thanks so much for the award! That means to much to me! Thanks for reading my blog.

Lourie said...

Wow! COngrats to you!! And thank you for mine. :D

Lily Dawn said...

Thank you so much! that's awesome =)
Love your blog by the way!


Veronica Lee said...

Congrats on the well-deserved awards! I love your blog and thanks for sharing them with us.

Eternal Lizdom said...

This just totally brightened up my day!! Thank you!

Joy@TPMG said...

Aw. I'm so glad I brightened up your day. That just brightened up mine and I needed that since I have to finish the dishes before I can watch a movie with the hubby! I'm procrastinating by blogging-that's okay though, right?!?!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all of your awards, hun! Wow!!

I love chocolate. And clean laundry smell. And reading. Some of my faves for sure!

Thank you for passing it along to me--that was really sweet!


Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Woohoo!!! Thank you so much. I am totally honored!!! And congrats to you too at the same time. That's a lot of awesome awards and you totally deserve them all for your beautiful and rockin' bloggy!! I heart you!

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

thank you so much!

I'm always behind in most everything!

Have a great day!

Pineapple Princess said...

Now following your wonderful blog!
Thank you so much for the award. You totally made my day! :)

How awesome that you were given so many awards. You deserve each one!

Ang said...

Congrats!!! and Thank You!

MrsBlogAlot said...

WOW!!!!! You should give yourself another award for this awesome award post!

Thank you so much!!!!!! And congrats to you on all of yours!!!

Simply Stacie said...

Thanks so much!!!!!

*Mom's Best Bets said...

You are obviously well liked!!! Congrats on your awards and Mahalo for thinking of Mom's Best Bets!!! That is so sweet of you!!!
I will post about soon:)
Love your blog too!!!

Ascending Butterfly said...

congrats and thank you as well! :)

Joy@TPMG said...

I did it! I think I have been around to everyone to spread the love. I didn't think it would take so long but I kept getting caught up in the blogs that I was visiting. Well, you know how it goes...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards and thanks so much for mine! I really appreciate it!

Tina said...

Thanks for the Award, I am SO excited!! I'm glad you like my blog, sometimes I feel like noone out there is reading!! Have a good weekend!

MIG said...

Thank you so much for the Happy 101award! I've been appreciating chocolate lately too. :)

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