Too often we focus on our differences as moms, whether those differences are how we feed, discipline, or raise our children or whether we chose to be a working mom or a SAHM.  It's hard not to compare ourselves with the other women around us.  While we are all original and have different opinions and lifestyles, we need to respect each other and focus on what we have in common. 

We all strive to do what is "practical" for our own family. We often see the world as impractical with values and ideas contradictory to our own beliefs.  It is important to do what works best for you and to be proud of that.  This site has a little bit of everything. It's kind of like motherhood.  You never know quite what you'll find. Pick the ideas and suggestions that work for you and your family and hopefully they will make your life a little easier.  Who couldn't use a little more time to spend with their family (or to have a little more me time) and a little more money in their wallet?  Hopefully some of the stories will make you reflect a little or even make you smile.

I hope above all else, that you enjoy what you read.