Sunday, August 16, 2009

Supermarket Sanity Savers

Everyone's heard of road rage but what about grocery cart rage? Seriously. I was thinking about this in the crowded grocery store today (thank goodness my husband was watching the kids while I shopped). Sundays have to be the busiest day of the week for grocery stores. The aisles are clogged with carts-the car carts (or the doublewides), the little carts, and the regular old fashioned carts. People seem so short tempered and irate as they scour the aisles for items on their lists so they can check them off and go on their merry way. I try to be patient and remember to say excuse me as I maneuver around people on my marathon supermarket expeditions. Usually my toddler will be losing her patience or I need to get home to relieve my husband of babysitting detail.

Tips to Help Keep Your Sanity When Grocery Shopping

1. Have a list and stick to it (look through the ciculars at home when your making the list to check out what items are on sale instead of walking down all the aisles looking for bargains).

2. Have the items on your list grouped based on where they are located in the store (ex. vegetables and fruits, meats, and dairy).

3. Go at an hour when the store will be less crowded (if you can).

4. Have your coupons clipped to your list so you won't forget to hand them to the cashier and have your store card ready at checkout so your not digging in your purse.

5. Use cloth bags that most stores sell now (they fit more items and are easier to carry).

6. When unloading your cart at checkout, keep your items grouped together so that when they are being bagged certain items will be bagged together. I keep items together that will make it easier to sort and put away when I go home (ex. vegetables and fruits, frozen items, snacks, condiments, and meats.)

7. Park next to the carrels where you can return your cart so you don't have to run back inside the store or leave your cart in the parking lot.

8. Try to go without the kids (you'll spend less money and you'll make it out of there in less time).


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