Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm No Julia

I read the book Julie and Julia about two months ago. I liked Julie Powell's sarcasm and sass. The biography of Julia Child was interwoven with the story. I was surprised at the outspokenness of Julia Child and her humor. It made me more curious about her life. I know she didn't enter the world of French cooking until her 30's and that she seemed to have a zest for life. I reserved her biography at the local library since the book was checked out. It seems I am not the only one who has a newfound interest in the life she led.

When it comes to cooking, Julia Child I am not. While reading Julie Powell's book, I thought, "I could do this". I had grandiose visions of whipping up some of the simpler French dishes, just to say that I did. Yeah, right. That lasted for about a week after I finished the book and then the desire to do so vanished without me attempting even one recipe. I once heard or read someone say that you are not a true cook if you need a recipe. I guess I'm not a true cook then.

There are a lot of good recipe sites out there. Here are some of my favorites:

Recipe Sites (Quick, Easy, & Cheap)
$5 Dinners
Betty Crocker
A Year of Slow Cooking
I can't wait to try the apple butter recipe. Stephanie O'Dea who writes this blog is also coming out with a cookbook.
Top Secret Copycat Recipes

Healthy Eating Recipe Sites
Weight Watchers
Cooking Light
Taste of Home
They have a Healthy Cooking Magazine.
Southern Living
They have a "Healthy and Light" page. I have their Southern Living Light and Easy Comfort Food cookbook which I love.


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