Monday, September 20, 2010


Three days away.

No phone, no tv reception, and no radio (unless you count BOB Radio which the guys listened to on their boat). 

There was a stove, a  refrigerator, a firepit, indoor plumbing, and electricity-the necessities.

There were friends.  There was good-natured ribbing.  There was laughter.  There was camaraderie.

There was also fish frying, a Turkey Fair, poutine, Tim Horton's, people saying "aye" a lot, and Thai McChickens at McDonalds.

This was my husband's idea of fun.   Fishing in Canada.  

My feet only strayed near the dock on the day we left as my husband attached his boat to the hitch. 

A stack of magazines, books, and my iPod were never far away from my restless fingers. 

My data plan didn't extend to Canada.  There was no wi-fi where we were so the iPad tucked into its case didn't work. 

Yesterday I said "Goodbye Canada, hello home".  

I arrived home with a case of online information withdrawal, but with my batteries fully charged so to speak.

The antidote for online information withdrawal: a solid hour of online time, self-prescribed of course, on this sunny afternoon while the kids are napping.

How often do you go an entire weekend without being online in any form?


parenting ad absurdum said...

So rarely! So I'm very excited for our upcoming roadtrip along the Oregon coast. I admit I'll be packing my netbook, but not a lot of campgrounds have wireless ;).

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I am just getting back from a week "unplugged" and am trying to catch up. I think it was good for me.

Fishing in Canada? Sounds like fun to me.

Lourie said...

Only if I am forced! Hahaha. Seriously though...during the week I have days where I am gone all day (yesterday and today) and I cram all my blog reading into a couple of hours. I would have been a cranky person without my internet.

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