Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Polly Rescue Mission

Growing up I loved Hide-n-Go-Seek.  I was really good at it to.  Probably because I could stay quite for a long time without those telltale giggles.

One of my favorite places to hide was in my mother's walk-in closet behind her wedding dress.  My mom's closet door would be closed with me inside which is why it made such a good spot.  With enough pressure from inside the closet, the one door would spring open due to the old fashioned latch on it. 

My sister would be downstairs yelling at me to come out and I would sneak out of my spot.   I would saunter downstairs keeping my lips sealed about where I was hiding. She never thought I was in the closet since I always reappeared and never had to be rescued.

Emmy is just as good at Hide-N-Go Seek to.  Except she does it with things like her glasses. Remember how her glasses were lost for months and we had to buy her new ones?

The latest casualty is her Polly Pocket set from Grammy from our zoo excursion.

What could she possibly have done with it?

She carried it everywhere in the house.

Not only was Polly and all of her outfits in the little case but also all of Emmy's toys that her sister can't play with including her little Belle doll and all of her little matching outfits as well.  Basically the bag is full of choking hazards.

I have literally looked everywhere for it.  Everything is in its place so you would think it wouldn't be to hard to find this little plastic container with neon green edging and a little handle, right?


I've even looked under the beds and in the baby's closet (since that was where Emmy's glasses were for months).

She has been chattering about her little bag all weekend.

My mission today is to FIND Polly. 

Will I be successful?  Stay tuned.


Stephanie Faris said...

Good luck! I hate losing things...and I have a small house, but things just seem to disappear.

Kerin Lee said...

I didn't even know they still made Polly Pocket toys. I had them when I was a kid!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting my blog :) I'm now your newest follower. If you haven't followed me already I'd love a follow back. I think we'd be fast friends :)

Aging Mommy said...

My daughter does this with things, we search high and low for whatever it is, her bemoaning the loss endlessly and then magically it reappears from wherever she hid it which she has not forgotten at all. It is a funny kind of game we have to play. She has done it since she was really very small too.

Good luck with your hunt today!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Good luck finding it. Those pieces are crazy. My oldest has been wanting Polly Pockets, but after dealing with those little Disney Princesses and their tiny little outfits, I am not sure I am ready for Polly. I still cannot believe how tiny those shoes are!

I am sure they will come up soon...keep looking mama!

Joy said...

Polly is still missing. I cleaned today and she never turned up. I even looked in drawers and closets. Emmy swears she doesn't remember where she put Polly and her little bag. I think she does though:) It is like a game. It is probably most like Hide-n-Go Seek and we're the seekers!

Lourie said...

Man! I hope you can find Polly! Have you looked in the cupboard behind the cereal!? :P One time when our Emily was about 3 or 4 she had hidden her precious Bunny --yes the same one mentioned in my post today--and we tore the house apart looking for it. Just when we were about to give it up...we opened up this little stove in their kitchen set and there was the Bunny! Crazt stuff. Good luck.

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