Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Following Your Dreams

Emmy came home singing a new version of "Jingle Bells", aka "Stinky Bells" two weeks ago.  I had my suspicions where she learned it. They were confirmed two days later when I overhead two moms talking outside of her preschool classroom.

This past weekend, Em suprised me again by the things she picks up with her little ears.  My husband was putting her train tracks back together.  Emmy stood next to him watching intently.

All of a sudden, she patted his arm and said, "Follow your dreams, Daddy.  Follow your dreams."

My husband who is rarely floored just looked at her and called out to me from the other room, "Where does she learn this stuff?"

Uhm... us, tv, conversations she overhears in the grocery store...

I could go on.

We laughed at her statement and also told her that was a very sweet thing to say since we should always follow our dreams.

Yet, how often do we really follow our own dreams once we are parents?

Last week I wrote about my New Year's Resolutions.  They were my goals for the upcoming year but also things I wanted for my family-not just myself.

What are my dreams?  What are the things I enjoy?  Traveling...learning.  I think I want to add going back to school this year to my resolution list.  Not to teach. Certainly not to earn a degree.  I already have two of those and have no interest in adding homework to my to-do list.  But, our local community college has all kinds of classes that I could find myself enjoying.

Cooking classes, craft classes, flower arranging...classes where I can learn something new.  I didn't realize I missed that until I sat down and thought about what I wanted for myself this new year.

What I want for myself seems to get lost in the shuffle of parenthood. I don't mind that because I love being a mom.  Occasionally, I go out with friends but I have never gone away for a weekend alone.  Unless you count the time I went to Florida to stay with friends who had just lost their father and father-in-law. Usually, when my husband asks what I he can do or what I want, I ask for an hour alone.   Just reading or laying around if that is what I fancy.

I keep saying I am going to go away for a weekend with friends but I never do.  I need to.  This year I am putting that on my list to.  Just for a weekend.  The decision will be where.  It really is true that you feel a lift in your mood when you plan a trip.  Just thinking about it has made me excited.  Maybe New York City or even Hershey.  I love the hustle and bustle of the city and it has been to long since I have seen a Broadway show.  Who wouldn't love to be pampered at The Hotel Hershey?  Taking a bath in chocolate, a chocolate fondue wrap, and even a cocoa facial?  I would think I have died and gone to heaven.

It took my daughter's innocent comment to her dad to really make me think about what my dreams are for the New Year.

What dreams do you have for the New Year?


parenting ad absurdum said...

My ultimate fantasy is to lie around in bed and read ALL DAY LONG. Bliss.

Ms Bibi said...

My only dream is for my life to be more simpler and with minimal stress.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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