Monday, December 6, 2010

What Wonder Looks Like Through The Eyes of a Child

Emmy is a huge Disney fan.  She is especially enthralled by anything princess related.

We had a girl's day on Saturday.  Just me and her while her daddy had some quality time with her sister.

We went to see Tangled.

Emmy had never been to the movies before and as I watched her she seemed to be starring with huge eyes at her surroundings.  You forget how different everything looks in the eyes of a child (especially one who is only about three feet tall).

We ran to the theater trying to get out of the chilly wind.  Luckily we didn't have to wait in line since I had picked up the tickets when I was out running errands earlier.

Standing in line for popcorn she spied a huge cardboard sign for what I assumed was another Pirates of the Caribbean.  It had a skull on it which Emmy didn't particularly like.  That was when my worrying started.  I worried a little that she was to young to see a movie.  What if the theatre was to dark or it was to loud or what if there were to many people?

Armed with our popcorn, a bottle of water for Emmy, a soda for me, a box of M&Ms which I was hoping to not need to break open, and our tickets, we made our way to the theater.

Emmy wanted to sit in the very front but I convinced her the middle was the place to sit.  It took a minute of convincing but we settled into our seats at the end of the aisle.

I never even thought about bringing a booster seat.  Emmy had to sit at the edge of the seat.  When she moved back, the seat started to close up on her.  It looked like it was trying to swallow her up whole.  She was to light for the seat!  She didn't mind sitting on the edge though and turned down my offer of sitting on my lap.

The nice gentleman sitting in front of us who was there with his family offered us the use of their extra booster seat but Emmy didn't want to sit on a booster seat so we politely declined.  How nice of him to offer though! 

Emmy's excitement was evident from her head to her toes.  Her feet kept moving as she swung them forward and back.  Her little arms clutching the bag of popcorn.  It was as though she was holding on to precious cargo.  The sides of the bag all squished in from her holding it so tightly.  Her fingers were all salty and buttery from the popcorn on which she munched.  Her head kept moving from side to side looking at the people and then the screen.  Her little body wriggling in her seat as the commercials came on. 

"Where is Tangled, Mommy?  Why is it so dark, Mommy?" she whispered. 

"Because it makes it easier to see the movie and these are just commercials," I whispered back, smiling.

She finally moved onto my lap as the movie began.  She was completely still as soon as it started.  The popcorn in her hands forgotten as the story unfolded.

She was engrossed until the credits began rolling at the end.

"Can we come again, please, please, please?" she asked as we gathered out coats and things.

"Of course we can," I replied wondering if she looked like I did at my first movie The Muppets Take Manhattan.  I was about seven when my mom took my sister and I to see it.

What was the first movie you ever saw in the theatre or that you took your children to see?  What were their reactions?


blueviolet said...

That is so sweet that she enjoyed it so much. I could really feel it in the way you wrote. :)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

I <3 this post. We took my son to see Tangled on Sunday and he loved it so much. I love experiencing things through their eyes!

Ms Bibi said...

I am so glad she had a great movie experience. Tangled was a great choice for her first movie.

I can't remember what was the first movie I took my boys to see, but I know my oldest was little bit scared his first time during the movie and my youngest wasn't able to sit through the whole movie for the first time.

Joy said...

Emmy has talked about that movie nonstop for the last three days! I loved that she had so much fun.

Grace Adams said...

The first movie my daughter saw was Aladdin. I remember being thrilled at how much she loved it, and then I remembered thinking we'd created a monster when she began memorizing the entire scripts for her favorite movies. Now she's 20, a student at NYU and an aspiring actress.

parenting ad absurdum said...

I'm so with her!! I'm dying to see Tangled, but my boys have deemed it "girly." I did just take them to see Megamind, which was super duper awesome. Luckily for my kids, I never really grew up ;).

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