Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being Outnumbered

From the time she was in utero I swore my first daughter was not going to be a princess for Halloween unless she chose to be.  All of her toys for the first year of her life were all gender neutral.

I wasn't even the first person to buy my daughter a doll or her first purse (the Laugh and Learn Purse from Fisher-Price which came with keys, a faux dollar, lipstick, etc.).

She has a cowgirl dress, a doctor's scrubs, a fireman's vest and hat, construction gear, and other dress-up clothes in addition to all of the princess paraphernalia including shoes, necklaces, gloves, boas, and gowns.  

Yet, she gravitates towards all the girly stuff. 

At playgroups starting at about the nine or ten months of age she was the one who immediately picked up the dolls to cuddle at playgroup.  As she grew, she needed a collection of stuffed animals in her bed because they were a "family" just like her's.  She prefers dresses over jeans.

"Daddy, don't I look beautiful?" is constantly heard in our house as Em models one of her princess dresses. 

She has now moved on to thinking her sister is a giant, living, breathing dress-up doll. 

Madison is also a girly girl but not so thrilled to be dressed by her sister.  She also loves dolls and purses though and I know dressing up is in her future-on her terms, of course. since she is just as independent as her sister.

While my husband loves our daughters to the ends of the earth and would do anything for them, I can see it in his face everytime fishing season rolls around.  He always wished he would have a fishing buddy.

While I try to explain to him just because the girls are girly girls it doesn't mean they will not like to fish with him, I can see the doubt on his face.  Em especially loves the water and she loves to get dirty.  She has never met a mud puddle she did not like.  Since she is three this will be her first year actually going fishing with her dad.

Yet her fascination with tea parties, dolls, and dress-up sometimes takes it toll on my husband especially after a weekend of girly girl activities.

He knows that even if they like to fish with him now it will all change once makeup and boys come on the scene.  I couldn't deny that since I loved to go fishing with my dad and grandfather as a child but I don't remember ever going once I hit my teen years.  I started going again after I met my husband.

It turns out that my husband may have a fishing buddy after all if the girls decide not to follow in their dads footsteps.

We just found out baby #3 is going to be a little boy.

My husband is not going to be quite so outnumbered by the women after all.

Things will be changing yet again very soon.

Now we will have cars, trucks, and sports toys competing for real estate space in our house. 

And with two big sisters, this little guy will certainly get a first hand lesson in how to deal with women.


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