Friday, January 7, 2011

A White Friday

Somehow I missed the weather report yesterday morning that was calling for impending snow today.

Three to six inches of snow to be exact with the worst right around rush hour in the morning.

I heard about it yesterday afternoon at the allergist's office.

It is a good thing I heard to because I had some grocery shopping to do.  I never ventured out because I knew the stores would be crazy busy with people stocking up on snacks and things to keep the kids occupied in case school was canceled. 

Around here schools cancel quickly.

I would rather go out this afternoon after the roads are cleared. 

Snow is already old news here.  And yes, we even drive in it and even find reasons to go out in it. 

The day after Christmas we got a few inches.  No big snowstorms though yet unlike some parts of the country.

All the school age kids I am sure were praying last night before they went to bed that the weathermen had got the weather report right.  They dreamed of delays and cancellations.

I woke up to a White Friday which means today we will be playing out in the snow.  Snow boots and snow suits will be pulled out.  My husband will be commandered to pull the sled around the yard.

A snowman may be built if there is enough snow when it is all said and done.  And of course, if it is the right kind of snow.  If it is the right kind of snow I foresee a snowball fight in my future to.

It's always the right kind of snow for snow angels, according to Emily.

How are you spending your Friday?


The Drama Mama said...

We got some flurries last night (Friday) and I too went to the store. We did the playground at McDonalds though.

Man, that sounds boring! haha.

Lourie said...

Unfortunately my Friday was spent mostly down with a major migraine. It was not pretty. Today was much better.

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