Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Soft Landing Spot

Em had finally given up her afternoon nap.

Within a few days we had settled into a routine.  Em and I would do crafts or play games that we couldn't normally do when Madison was awake, we'd bake, she would help with certain chores (or try to), she would watch a little bit of tv, or play quietly by herself without her sister trying to take her toys.

I hadn't bargained on Em asking constantly whether her sister was awake yet twenty times during naptime or if she could wake her up.  Mommy and Emmy time didn't seem as fun as Emmy and Sissy time, apparently.

Yesterday, Em snuck upstairs while I thought she was in the family room playing quietly with her dolls (and I was in the kitchen) to wake her sister.  Once her sister was awake, she yelled down, "Mommy, Sissy awake".  Thanks, a lot kid.

A few days before I had told her she could go up to her sister's room and I would be right behind her.  Madison had just woken up.  I just needed to put a stack of plates in the cabinet and I was only a minute or two behind her.

By the time I had made it up the dozen or so stairs, Em had already filled Madison's crib with all of her stuffed animals from her room.  She had carried armful after armful into her sister's room and dumped them on top of her giggling and very much amused sister. 

Madison sat in the midst of the animals giggling and smiling proclaiming, "Animals, Mommy.  Emmy's animals."

Madison's crib jumping antics were apparently made even more fun by the soft landing space she now had.  She would stand up and throw her little body down onto the plush creatures giggling as she rolled on their soft tickly fur.  She then tried to find room to stand to do it again.

Emily stood by laughing and pointing at her sister urging her on in a one-person cheering squad.  "Do it again, Madison.  Do it, again".

You would think this was a new sport in the Toddler Olympics by the amusement it created.

Do your children create little games between themselves for amusement? Do your older children do funny antics to make the little ones laugh?


Richele said...

That is so sweet! My 5 year old is always asking to put her two year old sister down for nap. She does this so they can "play". She also puts almost every toy in the room in her crib. It's so cute to see a bond develop between sisters. Even my two older ones...a girl and a boy...had little times they spent together. They would spend time in each others rooms right before bed and laugh and play. Not so much anymore...but still sometimes I hear the laughter and am persuaded to allow them to stay up a bit longer. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

I have a niece and nephew who have a game they call "The Everything Game" and nobody in the family can figure out the rules. Only those two know how to play.

Ms Bibi said...

That is sweet.

I have boys and they are 5 years apart (8/13. My older one used to be the best big brother and he would come up with cool games and he used to make his brother laugh. Now he's a rebelling teenager and the games are not so nice anymore. Hoping once he gets his brain back the big brother in him will return.

Mindy said...

First off, that is a gorgeous crib!

My kiddos have a total love/hate sister/brother thing going on. Sometimes I watch them play - especially when Ella plays big sis in an incredibly sweet way - and it's totally like this.

The Drama Mama said...

All the time. They crack each other up, terrorize each other, and oh my, so much more. I think the age difference between them works well for both of them.

Thank you for stopping by my blog lately. I've been terrible about getting around like I used to. I seem to be missing 8 hours out of the day and have yet to find them.

Gaspegirl said...

That is SO SWEET! It is such joy to watch my children play together... enjoy it while it lasts.

Visiting from SITS, Make it a great day!

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