Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom 0 Bug 2

Em has been learning about bugs in preschool.  She is fascinated by the little creepy crawlies.  Personally, I hate insects of any type.  I shudder at the mere thought of dealing with them.

It seemed fitting then that she also learned about another type of bug this past weekend...the stomach bug.

That little bugger blew through our house.  Em had some belly issues on Saturday right before we were to leave here to visit my family so we had to put the visit on hold.  Madison seemed immune to it all.  Lucky, Squirt.

Me, not so much.

I ended up in bed on Sunday afternoon to sick to move except to run to the bathroom when necessary.  Ginger ale and crackers were not even my friends.  I don't often get sick so when I do I usually get hit hard.  This time was no exception.

This was one bug that Emily did not want to get up close and personal with unfortunately.  Mommy neither.

Hopefully, this is one bug that has been squashed.

Hopefully, my husband who usually falls victim last manages to make it back from his work trip without succumbing.

Now please excuse me while I go lysol my house to obliterate any more of those pesky little buggers that may be lurking.


Katherine said...

Spiders and flies are bad enough, but stomach bugs - those really are the worse. I hope that those bugs meet their match with the Lysol.

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