Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

Could spring really be here?  For good?

A stretch of warm weather seems to be in the forecast rather than these teasers that Mother Nature has given us only to dump some snow on us a few days later.

A 10 day forecast with not a single day under 50 degrees met me this morning when I turned on the computer and checked the weather. 

Yes, I checked the weather since I didn't want to put my kid in a spring jacket (again) only to have her walk out into a snowstorm. 

Park days, walks around town, and even lighter jackets may be in our future.

I read something yesterday that said if it wasn't for winter and those brief cold spells even after spring is here that we wouldn't appreciate spring so much.

They were right.  We probably wouldn't.  Nor would we the feel the need to curse at Mother Nature or Punxatawney Phil either when they let us down since we need someone to blame and they seem to have more clout than the weatherman.

In our house we are officially declaring it spring.  We even made egg carton tulips out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners because I told Emily the flowers would soon be blooming (if the late snow didn't kill them).

My husband told Emily that he saw his first robin yesterday while doing work outside.

I asked him when was the last time he was outside.  They've been around for awhile, I explained.  It turns out he was just chatting with Emily and explaining all the birds that migrate back.  He knows she loves birds.  I had to correct him only to find out it wasn't the first robin he saw but he wanted to share its sighting with Emily.  Score one for me as I ruined a nice daddy and kid moment. 

Spring really is in the air.  It seems we could all do with a little fresh air.


Katherine said...

I think it is finally spring here as well. (Although I'm not packing away the winter coats and boots just yet. Don't want to jinx myself.)

blueviolet said...

I agree completely. It's that back and forth weather that really does make us love the Spring!

Stephanie Faris said...

We have warm air, then it turns cold, then back to warm. I'm so confused!

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