Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Perfect Spring Day

If you've had weather like us lately, you've experienced those chilly days (where you consider pulling the winter coats back out) with warm teaser days here and there and many, many days of rain and gloom.

Yesterday, was a perfect spring day.  The weather was in the 80's and a cool breeze was blowing.  My husband had a rare day off so we spent the day together.  Emily had pre-k in the morning so we rushed home after school so she could change out of the tennis dress she had begged to wear that morning into shorts and a t-shirt.

We actually spent the day close to home in the Lehigh Valley.  We had a quick errand to run before heading out.  We had to stop at the local outdoor living store to check if they sold doors for backyard sheds since ours needed a little TLC. The girls had fun checking out the chairs and gazebos (not to mention the swingsets) while my husband talked to a salesman.
We picked up sandwiches at Wally's Deli (a LV institution) before heading off on our picnic lunch at the semi-new (it opened last fall) 19,000 sq foot "destination" playground that they had built in Allentown at Cedar Beach.    I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  With a recycled rubber surface, the girls almost bounced as they walked. With a rope spider web type activity area, a multi-tiered play structure, slides, rock climbing walls, games with lights and sound, and a whole host of activities for children of all abilities, the girls were exhausted within two hours of being at the park.

While they napped in the car, we headed to my grandparents house for a quick visit.  We timed our visit perfectly. The magnolia tree which has stood outside of my grandparents kitchen window for as long as I could remember was in full bloom- a testament that spring truly was here.  It has been years since I saw it with flowers since I no longer live in the area.  The breeze blew the flower petals from the tree.  There was a thick blanket of them on the ground.  I have a lot of memories associated with that tree. My sister and I climbed the tree in the summer when we were little and we used to hang on its branches like little monkeys. 

On the way home, we had to stop at Cabela's. While my husband visited the big boys playground, I took the girls to see the animals and the fish.  I always find the stuffed animals a little macabre but the girls love looking at them and naming all of the animals.  

By the time we got home it was bedtime for us all.
It was a simple day but a perfect day.  Those are the best days.

Sorry about the poor quality of pics but I forgot my camera and for some reason Blogger doesn't let me upload pics taken from my phone  properly unless they are in collage form.  They always end up rotated sideways.


Sarita said...

I love spring and fall but summer too hot! Sounds like a great day!

Ellen Wonton said...

Sounds like you had a busy day!

My blogger said...

Ohh!! the children are so cute the best day for me is spring fall and summer sounds good and refreshing..

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