Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Quirks: Beeswax and Humming

We all have them.  Those little quirks that define who we are. Quirks that may annoy others, embarrass us, or may even be endearing.

When I was going away the other week, I typed out a list of instructions and information for my mother-in-law who was watching the girls.  Most of the information she already knew but I figured it would be a good idea to have all the information on hand in case we ever needed a babysitter outside of the family.  This way all the information about the girls, their schedule, and where everything is is at the ready.  Just in case.

I made sure to list some of the girls' quirks (especially those at bedtime) which my mother-in-law may not have yet been witness to such as...

...Emmy's beeswax issues.  Emmy will talk about bees buzzing in her ears and how she has bees in her ears. This usually occurs after she has had her bath.  Translation: She wants her ears cleaned.  When we had visited our local science center, they had a hive of bees on display so children could see how bees live.  Emmy was fascinated with the wax and the honey and she made the connection of beeswax and wax in her ears and now it is all jumbled.

...flying projectiles.  Madison has discovered that once her plate is empty or she is done eating, her plate makes a good frisbee.  Hysterical giggles will ensure.  Boy, that kid has an arm.  We need to keep an eye on her.

...any stuffed animals that Emmy has brought downstairs after she has awakened in the morning or at naptime MUST be found and returned to their proper places (her bed) before she is tucked in.

...Monster and dinosaur hugs and kisses must be dispensed before you leave the room for the night.  It is all about the growling and roaring.  Practice makes perfect.  Emmy will instruct you if you are not doing it correctly.

Everyone's personal favorite seems to be... 
...the fact that Emmy still hums when she eats.  If she isn't humming when she eats, she doesn't like what she is eating.  Her latest habit is to spit out food she doesn't like (usually things that were once her favorite food) and proclaiming that it "tastes yucky". 

What are your quirks?

I always sleep on my left side.  That is the only way I can fall asleep.

I also hate to be awakened when I am asleep.  Of course, this isn't the case when it is one of the girls, only my husband or the ringing telephone. My husband hates when I fall asleep downstairs on the couch because I never wake up if I do.  He used to nudge me awake (usually I don't remember him doing so) and I would be extremely grouchy refusing to budge when he would tell me to go to sleep upstairs. 

I save everything from our vacations and day trip travels including receipts, brochures, ticket stubs, anything and everything.  I put everything in our family photo album or scrapbook. 

If I have a question, I need it answered immediately.  If there is no one around to answer my question, I rely on the internet.  Otherwise, it will drive me crazy.  It becomes one more thing on my to-do list.  Hence, my fascination with the internet.

No quirks of your own?   What about your husband's or your children's?


blueviolet said...

I remember one of my daughter's exes (who was about 22 at the time) would sort of bounce around in his chair while he was eating dinner. It was so amusing but hard to keep from laughing!

parenting ad absurdum said...

My depth perception is a little off and I occasionally walk into the door frame (instead of the door). People other than me find this hilarious.

Tooje said...

Let's see. My two year old, OJ, does NOT like being carried to bed. He must walk. He also does not like kisses good night. I sometimes have to pretend to cry so that he'll let me kiss him. Sad, I know. He also must locate Tigger, Fish (Nemo), Monkey, Pooh, and Pillow. All are on his bed with him. None stay there.

I have too many quirks to name. WAY too many.

Lourie said...

Both my husband and my oldest will tell their life story if you say hello to them.

I used to be a back only sleeper. Now it's on my left side. Weird.

I don't know if this one is a quirk, but...once I am asleep that is it for me. I am gone. It would be easier to wake the dead.

If going to the bathroom isn't the very last thing I do before I crawl into bed, I have to pee.

I could go on...but I will save that for another day. :D

The Drama Mama said...

I need to have my question answered right away too.

I can't get my hands dirty or sticky or icky at all, and I literally HATE applying lotion because it's so greasy on my hands.

Scooby has to have his loveys in bed with him and his favorite blanket or he will freak out until it is.

He also has this endearing way of squinting his left eye when he is curious about something. I absolutely adore it.

Jellybean says Mom the exact moment my foot hits the brake to stop at a stop light. My being deaf means I have to turn to listen to her. This gets annoying after about 3 lights.

And GC? Well...I love him dearly, but lets just say I married him despite his quirks. Haha.

Great post!

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