Monday, August 9, 2010

Time for Mom to Go Hunting

Stop.  Right.  There.

I am not referring to hurting little or big fuzzy creatures. 

I cried at Bambi and there is no way I would ever hunt (unless my life depended on it due to lack of food which would only happen if things in this world really got crazy).

In the southeastern area of PA that I grew up in, we traditionally always had off of school the Monday after Thanksgiving because it was the start of deer hunting season.  Never mind that the majority of kids did NOT hunt.  It was a tradition that no one trifled with. 

I grew up in an area that until I was in college really didn't have much in the way of shopping or fast food.

That has since changed as things often do (even if it is just the opening of a Walmart).

A Cabela's sprouted up seemingly overnight a few years ago.  My husband now looked forward to my visits home because that meant he could stop to shop on the way back to our home.  Fast food of every variety has also since set up shop.  Other specialty stores have also opened their doors.

Recently on a trip to visit my family, I saw a billboard that made me chuckle.  It advertised a hunting store for women. Seriously?

Uh, not a shop I would be interested in visiting, thank you very much.  Until I saw who had put up the ad-a jewelry store.  It was located right across the highway from Cabela's and they recently opened up another one closer to where we live in a shopping mall. They are geniuses.

If your husband is like mine, when he goes into a store that caters to his hobby(ies), he usually ends up spending a small fortune. I occasionally give him a hard time-jokingly.  Now women can shop for jewelry while their men shop for hunting/fishing/camping gear.  Everyone is happy.

Genius.  Pure genius.


parenting ad absurdum said...

Just north of Seattle, we have a casino connected to an outlet mall... equally genius!!

Tooje said...

Trouble on one side of the street...trouble on the other. I'm so glad I don't have an affinity for shopping. At least not yet.

Happy Monday!

Lourie said...

How about an our mall across from the DISNEY STORE is VICTORIA'S SECRET. For real! haha

Joy said...

They really do think of everything!

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