Thursday, August 19, 2010

Party Planning Overload

I have been juggling so many balls up in the air lately that one was likely to fall, roll away, and not be retrieved until necessary (or until someone fell over it).

The ball that got dropped?  Emmy's birthday party.  With my husband's work and some major changes possibly taking place, the when and who wasn't answered until last week when I realized I HAD to make a decision.  No more procrastinating.

I decided to have a little party with Emmy's playgroup friends and some of my other mommy friends and their little ones during the time we used to have playgroup.  This caused some confusion among my other mommy friends who were not in our playgroup.  I probably should have sent emails explaining why I was having a birthday party on a Friday morning.  It does seem a little odd, huh?

One set of invites was mailed late because my daughter who has a penchant for hiding things when I am not looking hid them behind the couch cushions.  I only found them because I was looking for the remote control. Then, I proceeded to put 10pm-1 pm on the invites.  This went unnoticed by me even after I proofread them. Reminder: Don't proofread your own writing.

I am the queen of lists and have several different lists and post-its all over my desk and the kitchen island. I love this craziness. 

I can't have just one list.  Oh, no.

My lists include:
  • a decoration list
  • a favor idea list
  • a guest list
  • a food list
  • an activity list/schedule for the party

Seventeen kids (10 toddlers, 3 babies, and 4 school age children) and 8 mommies.  This was my small party.  Yet, it is a simple party.  Food, a craft, a game, music and hopefully lots and lots of laughter. Really it is just a themed play date.

All of her little friends have had parties in the last year and Emmy gets so excited over the words cake and balloons.  That is really all it takes.  She has been talking about her birthday party for months (at least about the cake and balloons).

This will be the first year where she really gets what a birthday even is.

We are having a family get-together over the weekend just for cake and ice cream to.  THAT will be a low-key affair.

The theme, you ask?   A Fairy Tale Dance Party!

Only a soon-to-be-three year old girly girl would choose that theme.

Tonight I have a date with my Cricket machine to do the decorations and craft for the favor bag.  Yes, I am putting a craft (knight and princess paper dolls with their respective outfits) in the favor bag along with lollipops and stickers.

Tomorrow is cooking/baking day and cleaning day.

Friday is decorating day. 

If I can stay awake myself while the girls nap, I will blog about it Friday afternoon but it looks like the next 24 hours are going to revolve around me getting myself ready for the sheer crazy yet fun chaos that will ensue Friday morning!

 How do you prepare for birthday party madness? Do you bother?

*This post was written Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

whew! That's a lot of people for a small party for sure! I have 2 kids and we decided last year that they get to have a big party every odd birthday and a family only party every even birthday. My son is turning 2 in 9 days so we've just got his Godparents and their two kids coming. That's it, and I can't wait! No favours, no decorations (except for a few balloons) and I can concentrate on him that day instead of everyone else!!!

Lourie said...

I have super high anxiety about hosting parties. I am getting better though. A little. I would do better if I wrote things down and created a budget. I don't do a party every year. I do them for the milestone b-days. This year each of my kids are turning a big one. Oldest will be 13, Little Middle turned 10 and the boy will be 5. He wants a Toy Story Theme.

I can't wait to hear how it all turned out!

Mrsblogalot said...

I'm am impressed by your mad list skills sister!

And you even have a theme!

It's gonna be great!

The Drama Mama said...

I LOVE parties, planning them and I even enjoy the stress involved around them. I LOVE your theme. I can't wait to hear about it!

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