Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Hunt for Holiday Cards Begins Now

I had friends send us baby announcements earlier this year.  I remember oohing and awwing over how stinkin' adorable they were.  I don't even remember who I went through to get ours.  It turned out she had did them through Shutterfly.  In the past, I had only ever used Shutterfly to make photo books. 

It turns out they have a huge selection of cards-including holiday cards.  Are you like me and already starting to think about those holiday cards and what pictures you're going to use or maybe where you are going to go to get them done?

I usually try to have all of my cards printed, in envelopes, addressed, and ready to mail by Thanksgiving.  I've already started scoping out the designs and looking through pictures.  This year I am even printing the address labels to so I don't have to write out the addresses year after year. No more writing cramp! Not to mention that my handwriting gets sloppier every year.

The best thing about holiday photo cards is you get to personalize each card with a message and your family's name.  You pick the pictures.  You pick the design and customize the card how you like.  That means no having to write a message inside each and every card or having to sign your cards.   Lots of time saved. But it is still personal.  It just seems like the perfect compromise for our family. 

My Favorites!

As I was browsing through their site, I looked at the invitations for the holidays and they actually had Thanksgiving invitations.  I loved the idea of sending everyone a fun invite with all the information because we always spend time calling around (or my mother-in-law does).  This would also make it a little more festive. My favorite was the Happy Turkey invite. I could just picture a cute pic of the girls playing in the leaves on the card.  Best of all they are only about $.32 per card.
Tell me this isn't the cutest!

Each year we (including my sister-in-law's family) get my father-in-law a calendar with all the birthdays and special events written inside.  Shutterfly allows you to personalize the photo calendars with not only photos but also special dates so no more having to handwrite them. 

Shutterfly is constantly offering deals so it pays to constantly check out their site if you have something in mind that you want to purchase. Right now they have 20% off  calendars, cards, address labels, mugs, stationary gifts, ornaments, and select gifts.  They also have up to 30% off photo books and free shipping on orders over $30 with the code SHIP30.

*Disclosure: I will be receiving 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly.


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