Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When My Husband and I Disagree Over Decor

My husband and I have different tastes when it comes to home decor.  Sometimes this leads to the inevitable-me returning things to the department stores where I made my purchases. 

Even though all the decorating falls to me I always try to keep his tastes in mind when I buy things for our home.  Since he finished the basement, the decorating and finishing touches have fallen to me as will the selecting of any furniture.  Of course, he does get veto power.

The long stretches of  empty walls have been slowly driving me crazy and I have been itching to put something on them.  The day my husband finished cleaning the basement of all dust and construction debris off I went to select some things to hang on the walls.  I perused some of the local department stores that were close by our home including Kohl's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond before our basement warming party this past weekend.

I came home proud that I had found some tasteful things to put up on the walls.
Abstract Skyline Canvas

Every man cave needs a clock

Of course shelves to display my husband's baseball "stuff" and other things

I thought I had done good and even knew which walls to hang the decor. My husband did his usual grunting and uh-huhing when I showed him what I had bought.  At least he didn't hate it.  Since he doesn't usually give me any help when it comes to picking out decor, I figured it passed his requirements (no flowers and no pastels).

Unfortunately, he didn't like ANY of the choices I brought home in regards to wall decor. He didn't mention this until after a friend of his came over.  After one look at the picture, his friend asked him if I could still return it because there was no way he would ever put that Abstract Skyline piece of art on his walls. The clock was proclaimed "cheesy". 

THEN, my husband tells me how much his friend hates what I picked.  He then also admits how much he doesn't like what I picked out either.  Not even the shelves.

Now he tells me...

So now our walls still look like this:

Blank.  Empty.

I can't wait to see how we agree when it comes time to pick out new furniture.  As you can see we just have a hodge podge of furniture downstairs (including my kitchen stools that my husband "borrowed" for the bar) which I will be reclaiming today.

How hard can it be to pick out a leather couch and chairs?

Silly question.  I am starting to think that when it comes to my husband's man-cave, I may want to step back and let him finish what he started alone or at least with the help of his guy friends who apparently have better taste then me.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I live with a husband that has no opinion unless it's a negative one AFTER I've chosen something. I wanted to slap his face off last night.

Anyway, hope you get some stuff on the walls soon!

Missy said...

My ex husband and I had the same trouble. He wouldn't go shopping, I'd try to pick out curtains, bedspreads, what have you that I thought he'd like. He wouldn't like them, so I was forever returning stuff. Finally implemented a rule: if he didn't help shop, he didn't get to say whether he liked something or not. Did I mention he's my EX??

Aging Mommy said...

My husband really does not care about decorations etc and I just decide what to get. With one exception, his hobby room, which he tends to all by himself.

Time to send your husband out to get his own decorations for his man room :-)

Mindy said...

My husband always surprises me with the random things he cares about in regards to decor. When I finally picked colors to paint our living room, it was a good thing I got tiny paint samples cans to put on the walls. Suddenly the man who didn't care had definite opinions!

Joy said...

He is totally on his own now!
@ Missy-I totally like that rule!

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