Thursday, March 10, 2011

At Least I Can Still Spell My Name

One of my closest friends used to live in the apartment next door to mine.  We had also grown up together living just minutes away from each other and attending the same elementary, middle, and high schools.  

After a 12 hour day at work we would sometimes get together and play Scrabble.  The quiet of our apartments invaded by the people's voices and the traffic from the street below.  The bar across the street would be hopping with people waiting to get a buzz on. We lived downtown so the streets usually didn't quiet down until after three in the morning.

And I used to win at Scrabble, occasionally.

Then she moved to Florida.

I would have to tie my husband to a chair and let him cheat using the iPad if I wanted to get him to play. The only board game he plays is Monopoly which is a family tradition at the holidays.

On our recent trip to Florida I got to play with my friend again who apparently has more brain cells left than me.

I got trounced. 

Some things I learned while playing:

You forget how to spell simple words like queue.  Or is it que?

Even after two kids, I still giggle when someone puts vaginal on the board.  Actually, it was more funny because she told her elderly Italian MIL who was watching us play to hold her ears.

It is still fun to play a game without letting the other person win.  In this case I didn't stand a chance in hell of actually winning as proved by my not so shocking defeats.

I am still competitive.

I still think the letters Q, X, and Z should be removed from the alphabet. Why do we need them anyway?  I always end up with them when I play Scrabble which gets me in a dither every time as I rack my brain with words to make.

By the way did you know that W is sometimes a vowel?  My husband brought that little tidbit home the other day from a colleague.  I had no recollection whatsoever of learning that in school (not even in college). Yet, it is and several people I asked were like "how did you not know that?"  How didn't I?

Anyone up for a game of Scrabble?


Ms Bibi said...

I can still play scrabble with my 8 year old and win. My hubs is not the best in spelling so I have a chance of winning there, but I will not play scrabble with my ubersmart 14 year old. I am pretty sure he knows that W is sometimes a vowel...I did not.

Joy@TPMG said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know about W being a vowel! I was to embarrassed to email my friend who taught high school English.

jamie @ kreyv said...

Great blog! We actually have a lot in common from the SAHM, love of scrabble, organization, and even the Real Housewives (which is a bit of a guilty pleasure--it sucks me in)!

Paula said...
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Mama Wonton said...

This is sad. I loved scrabble back in college... but I didn't know/notice W was a sometimes vowel until just now... and I was an English major in college...

Great post... they do say you lose brain cells from having kids... I'll just blame it on that.

Lanita said...

Didn't the ditty go "A,E,I,O,U, and sometimes Y and W, too?" I once said that to my husband and he thought I had gone insane. My favorite Scrabble game was on Jones Beach in NY when it was a tri-lingual with Spanish, English and French, with one non-playing person who was fluent in all three languages acting as judge.

Lourie said...

W a vowel? I did not know that. And I totally suck at scrabble. I am playing an online game of it with my friend on FB. It's cool because we can take a turn whenever we want. She is kicking my butt. LOL I can spell my name at least. ;)

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