Monday, March 7, 2011

What Name Do You Go By?

I remember calling my mother "mommy" long past the time it was probably considered normal or cool.

I was about 13.

Starting at around age 10 or 11, I avoided addressing her in front of my friends.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings by stopping calling her Mommy but I wasn't ready to call her by any other name. It didn't feel natural.

Then, I turned 13.  I wasn't a child any longer.  I was a teenager.

Looking back I knew more about life than most children my age.  Not that I was privy to all the secrets of the adult world but I watched everything and knew more than I should.  I heard things and would work them out for myself.  Also, when I asked a question my mom usually didn't censor herself.

Then, my Mommy became my Mother.  Not Mom but Mother.  Looking back I can see why I called her that. 

I already have a new name, at least according to my children.

My three year old has taken to not calling me Mommy anymore.  No matter how often I say mommy this and mommy that.

I am now Mama.  It's Goldilock's fault and those three darn bears.

I am sure I will go by many names between now and adulthood and not all of them will be flattering but this made me just a little bit sad.

I liked Mommy.

It also meant that my daughter made the choice to call me this new name.  She is starting to think for herself.  Okay, let's face it she has been for awhile now but this just brought it home that there is no going back only forward.

Every time I hear Mama I think of a giant bear who growls loudly.   At times, I am overly protective.  What mom isn't?  So maybe it is more fitting.

Now the one year old calls me this to so it seems to officially be my new name. 

I am now Mama.

What did you call your mom?  What do your children call you?


KLZ said...

Alex stubbornly calls me Mama. Although, he's 17 months so who knows what the future will hold.

Shell said...

I called mine "mom" for as long as I can remember.

My boys have mostly dropped the "-my" and just call me mom. :(

Ms Bibi said...

Mostly I am mom or mommy (to my 8 year old when he feels lovey). To my almost 14 year old I am mother or mother dearest (not liking it at all)

I always called my mom mom or mommy till this day.

blueviolet said...

My kids never call me the same thing. It's never mother, usually mom. However oftentimes it's a made up twist on the word. lol

Licia said...

Maybe it's due to cultural differences, but I am 35 and still call my mom mommy (and it's normal!). That's what my children call me, but I envision that will change when they get older :-(

Mama Wonton said...

I called my mother Mommy growing up... then Mom when I was older. But I make my son call me Mama, which is a Chinese form of Mommy... I like it :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I never cared for Mommy. I much prefer Mama or Mom which is what I called my mother. But of course now that my boys are grown, it seems to be morphing into "Ma", which does not thrill me. But at least they're still speaking to me, so I guess I should be grateful for that.

I didn't care much for Grandma either, so I'm working on getting them to call me Nana. Now that my Mom is gone, I feel like I've inherited her title. It makes me feel closer to her.

Alicia said...

I say mom or mama, but still call my dad "daddy". My baby is only 9 months old, she babbles mama to me though :)

divinepainter said...

My son called me Mama until he was about 4. Then I graduated to Mommy. Now I am Mom (he's 9). Every once in awhile he hugs me and says slowly and softly, Maaamaaa. Oh, how it melts my heart. Lump in throat every time! Nice blog. Visiting from SITS!

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