Monday, March 14, 2011

Can I Borrow Your Baby Brother?

Remember the other month when I wrote about how Em thought we were selling her sister after we broached the topic of how would she like a new brother or sister? 

When we found out the baby was a boy she seemed fine with it-at first.  We broke the news when we picked her and her sister up at their grandmother's house after my ultrasound.

I whispered the news in her ear.  She tried saying it aloud almost as though she was testing out the words.

"I havin' baby brother. Yay!  Mommy, I havin' baby brother." She held my face in her hands as she chatted away excitedly.

I should have left well enough alone.  I had to go on to say, "Your going to have a baby brother just like S, (her one little friend from playgroup), who has C as a little brother." 

Later that night she asked when C coming to live with us.


You know because he was going to be her new baby brother.

Explaining that one took some quick thinking, some fancy footwork, and lots of praying that we would explain it in a way she could understand and that would not again lead to tears.

We explained (my husband wasn't getting off the hook even though I was the one who managed to create this debacle and anyway I needed back-up) that C was going to stay S's baby brother and that Emily was going to get a new baby brother.  Her new baby brother didn't have a name yet.  My husband asked her if she had any idea what she wanted to call him since he was going to be her and Madison's new baby brother?

Her ideas included "princess" (no), "sofia" (no), and "Ariel" (no).  Then, my husband explained that the baby needed a boy's name.  He asked her what some of the boys' names were in her playgroup.  She rattled off three boys' names.

"Daddy, can we name him C?" she asked excitedly.

Bob explained that we need a new boys' name for the baby preferably a name that none of her little friend's shared.

I started listing some of the boy's names we had discussed when I was pregnant with Emily and we hadn't found out what we were having.  We had went to the hospital with a boy's name and a girl's name in mind.

"Ryan, Hayden,..."

Emily looked at me strangly.  "No, Mommy, those aren't good names."

Here we go again...


parenting ad absurdum said...

Sweet!! And I think those are perfect names :).

blueviolet said...

Oh've got your work cut out for you!

Joy@TPMG said...

It's hard enough trying to come up with a name that I can agree on with my husband:) Em certainly has a mind of her own!

Diane said...

Sweet! My oldest was convinced I had a turtle in my belly after he saw the ultrasound of his brother. He told everyone he was getting a baby turtle for a brother!

Tammy said...

I remember those days. I have an Em who is 10 now but when her little brother Bradley came along she told me to take him back to the "hop-i-tal." I have the cutest pic of her holding him right before she said it. Now, they get along great (most of the time). I love having my girl and boy! The best of both worlds! Congrats! I am excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Adorable. She's going to be the perfect big sister. In my eyes, nothing was ever good enough for my little brother, either :)

momof2 said...

That is very cute! It is amazing how they work things out in their minds.

Mama Wonton said...

what a hilarious story... i hope you retell this to her when she's older!

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