Thursday, March 3, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Ever visit paradise and then constantly think of what is happening at home or wanting to be at home? 

I felt a little like Dorothy at the end of my recent trip wishing it was as simple as tapping my heels together to be transported home.  Of course, I had to use an airplane rather than a pair of ruby slippers.

While It was nice to get away and to be able to do simple things-ALONE it was even nicer to come home to those things that I find myself complaining about occasionally.  Peeing, reading a book, and eating a meal without interruption, and sleeping in until I chose when I wanted to get up were things that have become somewhat foreign since I became a mom.

Seeing two Phillies spring training games, visiting the beach, basking in the sunshine, visiting with close friends who we don't get to see often since they live thousands of miles away were all really nice and a relaxing way to spend our babymoon before our lives change once again. I will miss our friends and the warm sunshine. 

Yet, it feels good to be home even if home contains two sick children and a mom with a migraine.  There is something comforting about once again being amidst our daily routines.

Last year I remember visiting my husband in CA and how much fun my mommycation was but my trip this time was colored a bit differently. Probably because I was pregnant and tired way more easily. For the first time probably in my life, I wanted to spend more time sleeping in and laying around than sightseeing.

The one evening I stayed in our hotel while my husband went out with a friend.  I ordered in and read a book before falling fast asleep long before my husband returned.  It was a perfect evening.

Did I just really write that? 

Those who told me having kids would make me enjoy the simpler things in life really got it right. I just didn't realize how much I would enjoy slowing down until I actually did it.


blueviolet said...

Isn't it funny how that happens? All the sudden when you're in the moment, you realize how good it is. So glad you had some down time!

Ms Bibi said...

I love traveling and going on vacations, but at some point I can't wait to be home. There was many times when we were in Vegas on vacation me and the kids ordered room service and watched movies...the perfect night.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Our entire perspective changes, doesn't it? A relaxing evening with a book sounds good to me! My best friend just found out she is pregnant and she is going to Europe next month for three and a half weeks! I am hoping her days are not filled with morning sickness and being to exhausted to enjoy it.

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