Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Survival Guide

1)Plan, Plan, Plan
I have already warned my husband that I am going out into the stores on Friday. He gave me "the look". The one that says "lady, your truly crazy". Yes, yes, I am. It truly is a battleground on Black Friday. Fighting for parking spaces, maneuvering carts, and dodging glares and aggressive shoppers. BlackFriday.org has the ads online already so you don't have to wait for them to arrive on your doorstep. All week I have been in contact with one of my closest friends who lives about a thousand miles away and we have discussed our strategies for which stores we'll hit first and when since some stores open at midnight and some open at 5 am or earlier. She joked that she was upset when her partner told people she worked with which shops had the best deals. When her partner pointed out that she had been talking to me all week about the best deals my friend replied that that was okay since I lived in PA while she's in FL. Heehee. I love the competitiveness of the shopping game on Friday with everyone jockeying for the best deals.

2)Be realistic.
If an item is hard to find before Black Friday it probably will be hard to find on Black Friday and beyond. Also, keep in mind that yes, it is going to be crazy out there.

3)Remember that if you miss some bargains they probably will be available on CyberMonday (online) or you may even find better deals closer to Christmas.

4)Wear light clothes.
It gets hot amidst those swarms of people. Also don't forget to pack a snack (if your like me I always carry my daughter's cheerios in my purse so I always have them if I forget some other type of fortification) and water. Stay hydrated.

5)Go out with a partner (if you can find someone crazy enough to go out with you).
This way you can split up, especially if you are looking for several popular items.

6)Be respectful.
It is not going to benefit anybody if you get frustrated, annoyed, or angry. Keep your cool.

7)Don't be seduced by those prices.
If you are on a budget, stick with it. Sometimes you may go home and realize that you bought way more "presents" than people you have to buy for and that you spent way over your budget. If spending is not an issue, and you find some really good deals, it always pays to buy extra and give to the needy (Salvation Army or Toys for Tots).

All in all, remember the 3 R's. Be respectful, be ready, and be realistic.


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