Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Letters From Santa For Your Little Ones

I visited my mom today and we took my daughters to her work. At the service desk there was a pad with papers for people to take to send in for their child to receive a personalized letter from Santa. They cost about $4. Online there are some good resources for getting a free letter for your child.

There is a wonderful site called Free Letters From Santa Claus where you can personalize a letter from Santa for your child. There are about 5 different letters to choose from and 5 different designs. You can download the letter or send it via email. There is also Best Santa's Letter.

Also, there is a site where you can copy text for a letter from Santa that you can personalize yourself in Word. They also give instructions for how to get a North Pole postmark.

Free letter From Santa and AAA are other sites that offer free letters from Santa.

When constructing your letters, after you input the information, double check the grammar and make changes if possible (or choose a different template without errors). My favorite site was AAA's. It was simple to input the information and free of grammatical errors. Also, it was worded simply so I think my two year old has a better chance of understanding it.

If you would like someone else to send your child an actual letter through the mail, check out Letters From Santa. All you do is plug in the information that they are asking for and they will send your child a letter from Santa. A sample template is provided so you can see what the letter will look like.

If you don't mind not having a personalized letter from Santa, Christmas Letter and Santa Printables are other sites that have printable letters.

To send a letter to Santa, play online games (many are educational), check out Santa's Naughty or Nice List, hear stories, see Norad's Santa Tracker, and see many other features, check out


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