Friday, April 9, 2010

Guest Poster

It’s All About Mom
I was a guest poster with "Show Yourself Some Mommy Love" on Jess's It's All About the Savings today.  Some of my older readers may remember this post from around V-day.  She is having an All About Mom event until the 17th of April with lots of great giveaways!

Some of her current giveaways include:
  • KGeddes Creations Crystal and Peal with Copper Bracelet & Earring Set
  • a copy of Daughter-in-Law Rules
  • Wilton Prize Pack
  • Charm bracelet from Charm Factory
  • Iced Tea Starter Set from Golden Moon Tea
Stop by and enter! Some of these would make great Mother's Day gifts for yourself, your mom, or even your Mother-in-law!


    One Southern Girl said...

    I'm your newest follower and email subscriber! :)

    Happy Friday Follow!

    Laura said...

    I enjoyed your post over there, and I came back to tell you!

    Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

    Lourie said...

    Ahhh! I want to make sure I get something I like for mother's day! LOL.

    Stephanie Faris said...

    I gave you a huge mention on my blog today. Thanks for inspiring me!

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