Thursday, April 29, 2010

Live Simply Children's Health Journal Review & Giveaway

Remember those days when you experienced the excitement of registering for your baby shower?  If you were like me you poured over lists of recommended items to register for and perused reviews of necessary items trying to choose the best thing for your little bundle of joy.  One thing that was missing from those lists was a children's health journal.  As the mom now of two girls, I can safely say this is a must-have for any new mom.  

Kelly Argall, one of the founders of Live Simply, explained why she and her sisters created the Children's Health Journal.  The inspiration behind the Children's Health Journal was the notebook she kept starting when her daughter, Chloe was born.  Health care professionals were always impressed with her notes and the information she kept in the notebook. Not only did it have Chloe's medical history but also emergency contact information and medical insurance information. The book accompanied Chloe to the babysitters and daycare.

Kelly wanted the Children's Health Journal to be simple so moms would use it.  She didn't want them to feel overwhelmed when recording medical information.  

Details about the boook:
  •  There are spaces for emergency contact information and medical information are on the inside cover.
  • There is a plastic holder for 8 business cards.
  • The book is organized into 10 sections including Family Medical History, Child's Medical History, Wellness Checkup, Sick Day Record, Allergy Record, Specialists Record, Dental Record, Vision Record, Financial Summary, and General Notes.
  • Each section has a different color tab and is labeled so the sections are easily accessible.
  • The book fits easily inside a diaper bag (and even a purse if you are like me and carry a large shoulder bag).
  • There is a pocket in the back of the book for addititional  documentation or receipts.
  • The book is perfect for documenting your child's medical history from birth until age 18.
TPMG's Review:
I am in love with this book.  When my oldest daughter was born, the only children's medical journals I could really find were cutesy little books that were more for recording milestones and seemed to be of use only until the child entered school. You can tell that this book was designed by a mom.  

The Wellness Checkup section has spaces to record your child's height, weight, percentiles, and immunizations plus lots of room to write questions and make notes.  As a new mom, I remember going to the pediatrician's office with a list of questions ranging from sleeping habits, noises my daughter made, and what to feed her and when.  I kept all of the little papers that they gave me with my daughter's height and weight and the list of immunizations. Now moms can record all of those details in one book.  The Sick Day section has spaces to write your child's temperature, time taken, medications dispensed, the time given, and symptoms or notes from the doctor. This way if you have to call the doctor or go for an office visit you can give your child's doctor up-to-date and accurate information.

As the mom of a little girl who has glasses, has been visiting the dentist since she was 9 months old, and who has seen more specialists than I care to list, I have to say that this is a fabulous tool for any mom. I love any product that allows me to be organized and this product certainly does that with ease. Now I don't have to pull out my file folder with all of my medical notes and bills, I have a compact book to carry with me. I especially like the financial summary section where I can detail my copays since we have a medical reimbursement program that we belong to. I can slip the receipts into the pocket and when I need them, I know where they are.

This book was well thought out and makes it incredibly easy to document your child's health.  No more searching for documents or trying to rack your brain about what your doctor talked about during an office visit.  Best of all, I can leave it in my daughter's diaper bag and know that everything I need is there for her next trip to grandma's or on our next trip to the doctor. If you have older children, you can put it in a drawer and pull it out whenever you need to.

Any TPMG readers, who would like to own one of these journals, can get 10% off of their purchase with the code

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Good luck and thanks for participating!

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*I was provided with a Live Simply Children's Health Journal in order to facilitate an accurate and fair review.


Anonymous said...

That's a really fabulous idea. It's a great way to keep everything all together...and I can hear myself always saying, "now, where did I put..."

On another note, with two little girls I thought you might want to enter a giveaway for a great organic dress (you pick the size) I have one for my daughter and she loves how comfy it is. (In "Lifestyles" section) Just a thought...

Lourie said...

Geees I want one for ME! Haha. Those are great.

Jen said...

Those are great! My sister just had a baby and she would love one of these.

I am here from Friday Follow! So I'm following you.

Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

Great idea and just wonderful as a shower gift! Thanks for letting us know about it. I sure could use on myself!

Anonymous said...


This would be a great place to have EVERYTHING!!!

Claudia said...

The Pet Record should have an immunizations page...and perhaps a place to photos of your pets.


Kayla said...

I am a follower of TPMG!

Kayla said...

For the women's health journal it would be great to have pages for recipes.

Kayla said...

Following TPMG on Twitter.

Kayla said...

I tweeted about this giveaway @mybellababyshop

Julie said...

just saw your post! This is such a great idea, I think I am too late for the giveaway... so I will just have to add it to my ever growing wish list. With all my boys and their ear infection, surgeries, and allergies... this will be a blessing!

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