Wednesday, December 9, 2009

$100 Dollars

Okay, I know a post entitled $100 dollars is eye catching. No, I am not giving away $100. My 2 year old, who has no concept of money was having an interesting conversation with my husband the other morning. She was crawling up on the couch as my husband lay there.

Their conversation went like this:

Em: I need a $100. (She looks at her father as her glasses slide down her nose.)

Bob: You need a $100. (He uses a shocked, questioning tone.)

Em: I have no money. (My husband gives her the "you're two" look.)

Bob: Why do you need money?

Em: Dadda took Mamma's money. (At this point my daughter starts using hand gestures.)

Bob: Is that what Mamma says? (He looks at me pointedly. Hey, wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Em: I want $100 dollars! (At this point my daughter has climbed onto my husband's stomach, as though she needs to make her point more clearly, and starts bouncing up and down.)

Bob: What do you need $100 for?

Em: Puppy. (Huh?)

Bob: A puppy?

Em: A puppy so cute.

This is the point where my daughter loses interest in the conversation and climbs onto the floor and dwaddles off.

Where did that come from? I have no idea where my daughter got the concept of $100 nor the idea that we would pay $100 for a dog. We're support your local SPCA people. I really hope she is not expecting Santa to bring a puppy. Oh, boy. Tonight we are writing our list to Santa. Please, please, if there is a Santa Claus, please don't let my daughter want a puppy for Christmas.


Time4Mommy said...

Your dd is so cute! Hoping for no puppy in your future :)

My dds have NO concept of time, it's hilarious when they tell us it took them 5 yrs to get their pants on lol

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