Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just Like a Man

My husband's Christmas holiday project: finish our basement. Last year while my husband was off from work for the holidays for about a week and a half. He installed hardwood floors in his office and our living room. It took that whole time to get our house back into order since we also painted. My husband swore he would hire someone next time. Like childbirth, you forget how difficult something is after a short time has passed. My husband is so excited about this project. He loves projects that he can delve into. I wonder what he will be saying a week from now?

The goal for today: buy the drywall and move it into the basement. Today, good friends of ours came over. My friend's hubby, S, helped my hubby rent a truck and buy 60 sheets of drywall. Only 10 sheets made it downstairs. They are extremely heavy and after carrying two sheets down at a time (5 trips), they were ready to call it quits. While the men did this, us women, oohed and awwed over my friend's sleeping newborn. She is only 10 days old. Even though my youngest was her size only 5 months ago (actually she was even smaller), I can't remember her being that tiny. It's so funny how such a short passage of time distorts your memories.

When the men finished their "job", our little ones exchanged gifts. Our fiends also have a 4 year old. Our daughter worships their son and calls him her buddy. S commented that he didn't even know what they got our little ones. My husband laughed and looked at him, saying he didn't know what we got his kids either. His wife joked that that was okay since it was their money we had spent. Just like a man! But we love them anyway and we know how lucky we are.


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