Monday, December 14, 2009

Guide to Holiday Gift Giving: Part III

If you are looking for some last minute Christmas gifts, here are some of my favorite Christmas gifts for this season:

1) Kodak, Shutterfly, or SeeHere allow you to create books, puzzles, ornaments, stickers, and other photo gifts.

2) Gift baskets are always a good standby. Keep in mind to stick with a theme. Beware that these can add up pretty quickly. It is best to fill a gift basket with items with smaller price tags.

3) Crafts, Wine, and Coffee Clubs that send a new selection each month are a unique gift. Kids Craft of the Month offers a 6 month and a 12 month membership where children will receive two new crafts each month along with stickers, tattoos, small toys, jokes, games, or some type of activity. Caribou Coffee offers a Coffee of the Month Club.

4)Magazine subscriptions (Amazon often has great deals or you can checkout can be a welcome gift.

5)Teething Bling by SmartMom (I hate not being able to wear jewelry with my teething infant so this solves that problem.) are perfect for mothers of young ones.

6)The Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector is perfect for my hubby since his Christmas break from work is going to be spent on finishing our basement.

7)Avon's Cashtastic Earmuffs look and feel like cashmere.

8)Avon's version of Jennifer Groover's Butler Bag is designed for a fashionista.

9)In case of emergencies (especially those that are nature related), it is ideal to have on hand LL Bean's Emergency Weather Radio.

10)The Crawford Headband from ModCloth that will make you look like a chic flapper (totally impractical for day to day but I love vintage inspired items). This would dress up any outfit on New Year's Eve.

11)SwitchFlops and Ballet Flats by Lindsay Phillips are designed for shoe lovers that want to have versatile pieces in their wardrobe. The sandals have interchangeable straps and the ballet flats have snazzy snaps so they can go with any outfit. No need to have 4 different pairs of shoes.

12) Parents of infants will fall in love with the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Take Along Soothing Projector.


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