Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surviving Out of Town Guests

1) Have a plan but be flexible.
Explain where everything is when your guests arrive.  Give them time to freshen up and relax.  Don't plan every single detail of your guests stay.  It's good to have some ideas of things to do while your guests are visiting but let them help set the agenda.  They may have their own agenda when visiting or they may just want to relax and visit with you.

2)Have extras.
Have extra keys to give your guests in case they plan on going out.  Don't make them rummage around in a flower pot or have to dig around inside your grill for that spare key you keep hidden.  We keep a fully stocked guest bathroom with extra toiletries and towels for guests.  Check after your guests leave and replenish anything that needs replacing.  Keep a fresh set of sheets around reserved for the guest room, especially in the case of last minute guests.

3)Know what your guests like.
If they have hobbies or interests like games or crosswords, have some extra things around for them to do.  Also, I try to stock my pantry with items that they like such as tea or favorite foods.  Knowing food preferences can come in handy when you are planning to cook.  If they are movie buffs, have an extra movie or two around.

4)Remain calm, don't stress yourself out.
Enjoy your guests presence. They will pick up on negative vibes if your are stressing out and it will make everyone tense. You don't want an awkward situation.  Focus on the positive side of having friends and family close by that you don't normally get to see.

5)Accept help when it's offered.
This is often the hardest thing for women to do.  People love to pitch in and help.  Be gracious and accept.  No, they may not do things the way you normally do but this is the holidays and its important that your kids see you acting as a team.

6)Preparation is key.
Have everything out and organized for when your guests arrive.  Some preparation beforehand will save you a huge headache later on.

7)Communicate.  Be clear and open.
If there are certain things that you can not live with such as disrupting your children's schedules or smoking, etc. be clear from the beginning, but remember to be respectful of your guests when conveying your wishes.  Your home is going to be their home away from home.


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Great post! I actually did a vlog about this very topic since my hubby is British and his parents come to stay for long periods of time. :-)

Thanks for stopping by and for the well-wishes for 2010. Following your blog now!

Happy holidays,

Naomi de la Torre said...

What a great post! It's so easy to get overwhelmed when your home is overrun with visitors, even if they are the people you love most in the world! These tips are great. I think accepting help is my biggest problem. Thanks for the great suggestions. I'm following your blog now! organicmotherhoodwithcoolwhip.com

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