Monday, January 25, 2010

General Mills Cereal Review

We have all heard the reports that a good breakfast is the best way to start the day.  It helps give your body the fuel it needs.  In most households, cereal is the breakfast of choice due to convenience. Did you know that people who eat cereal eat more fiber and less fat and cholesterol?  They also have lower Body Mass Indexes and healthier body weights. 

Here are some facts about ready-to-eat cereal and children:
  • Only 5% of sugar in our children's diets come from cereals.
  • It is the #1 source of whole grains in our children's diets.
Eating a healthy breakfast helps your children focus on the day ahead of them.  In 1988, a study found that children who ate breakfast  were less likely to get in trouble in school, scored higher on tests, and were absent less.

Back in December, General Mills pledged to reduce the amount of sugar in their cereals that are advertised to children.  They are planning to reduce the amount of sugar to single digit grams in each serving.  It has been shown that cereals targeted at adults have less sugar than those targeting younger consumers.  General Mills is going to try to change this trend.

My daughter loves Cheerios, whether they are plain, the Yogurt Burst Strawberry, or Honey Nut.  She has tried them all.  In fact, these are the only cereal she will eat.  My daughter was a picky eater for the longest time and sometimes she still is.  Our pediatrician recommended giving her cereal if she refuses to eat what I make for dinner.  This has worked well in our house and has kept me from having to make separate meals and it has helped us keep from making her eating habits into a power struggle.

We also have cereal for snacks and use it for edible crafts like necklaces or bracelets.  We take licorice laces (they need to be very thin) and string cheerios on them.  We also use them to make pictures or to practice counting.

To read more about General Mills or the benefits of eating cereal, click here.

General Mills provided me with vouchers for four free boxes of cereal through MyBlogSpark in the hopes that I would write an honest review.  No other compensation was or will be provided.


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