Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Ode to the Lifestyle Section

In my former life, I taught World History or more accurately World Cultures.  To stay on top of current events, my tv habits included most of the news programs.  CNN or Fox News could always be heard in our house.  My reading diet included The Wall Street Journal, our local newspaper, and USA Today

Today, my reading habits and tv viewing habits have certainly changed.  I still read the newspaper at breakfast but I usually never make it past the Lifestyle section.  I love the "On the Cheap" column on the weekends.  I try not to be wasteful but I have nothing on how frugal some of these people can be.  Where else would I find useful hints such as using maxi pads on my swiffer or using the cereal box inserts as mini garbage bags, to wrap food, or to use as wax paper?  I kid you not. The best part of the Sunday paper is the circulars and the coupons. 

TV is limited when my daughter's are awake to Disney or Nickelodeon.  I can tell you what Dora or Mickey did today and who the host was of the morning show on Sprout.

When my daughters are old enough to start school, and if I enter the education sector again, I am going to have to catch up on all the current events that I've missed. Now this is a bit dramatic.  I do try to catch headline news and some days I do make it through the whole newspaper but most of the time I only get to peruse the main headlines.

I am lucky if I know what the weather is outside on any given day.  I probably should at least make an effort to catch the weather report since I do need to dress my daughters in the morning but it's winter so, guess what, it's going to be cold. 

Three years a go, I would have scoffed if you had told me that I would be this way.  Why do I not stress about this?  I rationalize the new me with the fact that I do try to stay on top of the main headlines even though I may not be able to recite all the facts that go along with them.  I am still me.  I still make time for myself and for my interests and my friends.  My home, my husband, and my daughters are my life though and anything that falls into that realm are my main focus. Priorites change and I have to.


Lisa said...

Great post! I know exactly what you mean. I worked in the financial sector until I decided to stay home with my daughter. I have no idea what interest rates are anymore but I know all of the Disney princesses and their families very intimately:)

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