Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Note to Self : No More Late Night Runs

I am a post-it junkie.  I often joke with my husband about how I should write a note to myself every time I do something silly and post it somewhere so I don't do it again. The Urban Dictionary defines note to self as "an exclamation used when you want to punctuate/emphasize an obvious or insulting quip or action" and "a personal reminder".  There are moments in our lives where we experience something that leaves us with a lesson learned.  Sometimes its just silly lessons that we know we will repeat. 

In the quiet of the morning (it's 12:32 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday morning), I ran out to the local convenience store. I felt like I was being sneaky as I left the house.  My husband and my daughters were sound asleep and the houses on our street were all dark.  As a car drove by with their lights shining brightly, I felt as though I was doing something forbidden and I was in danger of getting caught.  I wondered briefly what the passerby thought as he saw my car backing out of the driveway.  Did they wonder where I was going at this time of morning?  Maybe this was my guilt fueling my overactive imagination since I was supposed to have gone grocery shopping last night.  If I had, I wouldn't have needed to run out this morning.  Do you ever feel guilty for not doing something that you should have done, especially if you don't have a very good reason for not doing it?  Even if it is over something as mundane as not going grocery shopping.  My husband had even offered to run earlier to the mini market but I told him that I would do it.

Why was I headed out this early in the morning? I was going to pick up a carton of yogurt and some milk so my daughter could have her morning smoothie.  Our fridge is pretty much empty at the moment. Our fridge is usually in this state after January 1st, before garbage day, or before I do my semi-monthly bulk grocery shopping. I just didn't have the energy to go to the grocery store across town last night.  I even ate dinner before I was to go so I would restrain myself in the bakery department.  Unfortunately, I never quite made it.  I got sidetracked doing other things after dinner. As time passed, I finally told myself that it was to late to go.

I don't normally go into convenience stores and I learned why I shouldn't frequent them tonight: 1)smart alec clerks 2)odd people who stare and 3)the prices.  I'm not sure which one bothered me more.  The clerk commented that I could fit a body in "there".  He was referring to my purse, my treasured Butler Bag.  Not that he appreciated one of my favorite accessories.  There was an odd man dressed in camouflage who stood at the front of the store staring at me as I got my purchases.  I had sneaked a peak at my reflection in the refrigerated case when I was getting the milk to make sure that there was nothing wrong with my appearance.  I looked like a tired mom in a t-shirt, jeans, and a ski jacket.  Yep, things looked normal from where I stood.  I did almost keel over in shock at the prices that stared back at me.  Half a gallon of orange juice was $4.39!  A single carton of yogurt was $1.19. I only ended up buying one carton of yogurt and a quart of milk.

Lesson learned: No more late night jaunts to convenience stores.  In the future, I'll just make my procrastinating, full of excuses self go to the grocery store even if it is just so I can cross it off of my "to-do" list.


Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

stopping by from MBC and following you now.
Have you tried Microsoft OneNote? Comes w/Vista on Works. It's like a ton of post-its that you can organize anyway you want. I use it for all my projects and love it.
Stop by when you get a chance - http://muralmaker1.blogspot.com

J. L. W. said...

I never heard of that. I will have to try it! Thanks.

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