Monday, January 25, 2010

The Nighttime Delaying Tactics of a Child

My husband and I tag team at bedtime.  It is the only way to keep our household running somewhat smoothly giving us a chance to get our separate to-do items done so that we can spend some time with each other before we go to bed.  Sometimes our "together time" is comprised of sitting in bed having a tug-of-war over the remote while arguing about whether to watch Cops or Real Housewives of Orange County.

Our routine is this: I put the 6 month old in her crib and my husband tucks in our 2-year old. To bad our 2-year old doesn't stay in bed.  It seems she has this built in antennae that tells her when her daddy has stepped foot on the first floor.  She hops out of bed and stands in the doorway yelling (to make sure she is heard wherever we are in the house).

"Mommy, juice." Ah, yes, the timeless delaying classic.

"Daddy, want kisses. " Daddy is going to work on finishing putting a ceiling up in our basement.

"Sissy, hugs." Sissy can't exactly give hugs since she is only 6 months old.

"I want teeth brushes."  Yep, a child who actually wants her teeth brushed.

"Cheer dolly.  Want cheer dolly." The offending doll that is dressed like a cheerleader and sings "Wiggle It" courtesy of my mother and that is already in her bed, along with fifteen of her closest friends (aka her stuffed animals).

"Mommy mess." The black piece of string laying on the beige colored carpet in the hallway does not constitute a mess.  For those of you that have read previous posts, this seems to be my daughter's favorite phrase.
"Mommy, tissue." I am so not falling for that one.

All these are toddlerese for I am sooo not ready for bed.  Too bad.  Mommy and daddy are ready for bed.  Night-night. 

Note: After a couple minutes she is snuggled up fast asleep in her bed underneath her blanket with her dolly clutched to her chest.  It would seem she does have everything she needs after all.


Buckeroomama said...

I never really had these delaying tactics with our son, but my daughter is so good with them! I need a drink; I need something....; I need something to cuddle and hug... The list goes on! :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

OH that bring back memories!!! When my oldest was 3, she started throwing stuffed animals out of her bed and kept calling me to come in and get them, or call me for an extra hug, kiss, something she forgot to tell me, etc.

It drove me nuts! So one day we played a game. She was the mommy and I was the baby. She tucked me into bed and said goodnight and the I did everything she did to me and it drove HER nuts!

She never did it again :-)

Karen said...

My 4yo nephew is very good at stalling his bedtime. Especially when I'm around. He can pretty much get away with anything.

Thanks so much for visiting! You've got a great blog, too!

Theta Mom said...

I have to say my son is a terrible eater but has always been a fabulous sleeper...and my daughter is too young to tell if she'll pull the old "not ready for bed" tricks.

J. L. W. said...

@ The Girl Next Door-I have to try that with my daughter

Isn't it funny how sneaky they are? LOL.

Kristin said...

I feel that coming! As of right now, our 18 month old lil' dude runs to whichever one of us isn't taking him to bed. It's quite the chase! said...

all too familiar! (and my youngest is 11!) it never goes away!!!!!

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