Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Keep Yourself From Cringing When You Hear the "C" Word

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What is that dreaded "C" word?  Chores.  We all have them.  For us SAHMs it's just everyday life from dawn to dusk.  They are our "job".  There are people who think that I stay home because I like to spend my day cleaning the house.  Are they kidding?  While I take pride in my house and try to stay on top of things there are days where zero, zip, nada, gets done.  Nursing an infant and feeding a toddler, potty training, changing diapers, quelling tempers, and cleaning up messes comprises most of my day.

For moms who work and then come home to do chores and take care of the kids, my hat goes off to you.  If I was still working in education where there was no end to the work since I always had papers or projects to grade or lessons to prepare, I would have probably lost it by now since I am not good at finding balance in my life.  While I have no magic answers for how to avoid chores altogether, beyond hiring a maid, I do have some tips for making them more bearable.

Tips for Those Who Dread Chores

1. Indulge yourself
Give yourself a break after you check some items off of your to-do list or reward yourself with a piece of chocolate.  Sometimes it's okay to indulge.

2. Lists
It helps you focus on what needs to get done and can help you keep from feeling overwhelmed. It can also be gratifying to check things off of your to-do list.  Even if the bulk of the work doesn't get done just crossing off one or two items can give you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Move it to music
Dancing around while you do some chores like dishes or vacuuming helps you burn extra calories and it provides a mood lift.

4. Get the kids involved
Involve your family in the chores.  It helps provide a sense of family teamwork and it teaches your children responsibility.

5. Daydream while you work
Sometimes it helps make the chores go faster, especially for those that can be monotonous such as folding laundry, dusting, or mopping.  A little "what if" never hurt anyone. 

6. Switch it up
If you hate putting away clothes, don't wait until right before bedtime to do it when you are more likely to feel tired.  The last thing you will want to tackle at 11 pm is a mountain of laundry on your bed.  Instead of doing them in the evening try completing some chores in the early afternoon or morning.  If your not a morning person, doing some chores at night may make you dread them less.


Miriam said...

I'm always daydreaming while I work. Usually about being a multimillionaire who has servants to do my chores for me ;-)

Hi from SITS.

Brodie said...

stopping by from SITS- thanks for sharing your tips

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day I really appreciated it! Now I'm here to spread the comment-love!

Helene said...

You read my mind...I hate chores!!! With a passion even!! Your tips are great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Joy said...

I hate chores. I spend most of my week nights and day off (Friday) cleaning up toys, doing laundry, washing bottles, etc. These were some great tips to help me enjoy it a little more. Thanks for commenting my blog!

Tickled Pink Twice said...

Ah chores...the dishes are the worst. We've had a dishwasher forever until we moved into our current home which required a total remodel. All we have left is the kitchen and then I can have my dishwasher. Until then, it's the hubbies chore. PS...thanks for the visit to my blog. I might have to sport a Practical Mom Guide badge!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...

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