Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Party Invites

Recently my daughter turned two and we had a small party for her birthday. Since I had just had our second daughter only a month before I was looking for ways to keep this party simple. I knew the theme,Dora,of course, my daughter's favorite cartoon. I came across two websites that created FREE Dora (and other character) invites: I- and DLTK. These two sites let you plug in the information and print out however many copies you need. My kind of invites. For all of our friends and family who have email, I just signed up at evite and sent out online invitations free of charge. No writers cramp to worry about. Evite is fabulous. People can click on the link and rsvp (you can set it up so that when people rsvp you receive an email). Also, when you access your events invite, you can see when people opened the email (your guests can't pretend they didn't see the invite). It is a wonderful party planning tool. You can use this site for events other than birthday parties. If your having a picnic and you are having people bring items you can set up your invite so people can put what they are bringing.


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