Monday, September 14, 2009

Is My Nose Growing

Should I feel guilty lying to my two year old, again. Nah. Is it really lying when it is for her own good? Seriously, how often in the course of a day do we lie to our kids? "Yes, dear, Dora is tired this morning and is still sleeping. She, Mickey Mouse, Oso, and all their friends were at a party last night so they didn't get to bed until late." It's nighty-night time for them. Yep, that is why you can't watch tv, my little addict. No one told me that once I opened the door to tvland that I would never be able to shut it again. O.K. maybe they did warn me and I just refused to listen. I did what I had to do in my last trimester before my second daughter was born. Yes, sitting my oldest in front of the tv for more than one hour a day is partly how I survived that time. I never meant for my child to be able to recite the lineup on Disney on weekday mornings.

What was my point, again??? Oh, yes, the lies we tell our children. Do we feel guilty for those little white lies. No, at least I don't. Okay so sometimes I feel a little niggle of guilt but I try to ignore it and tell myself she's too young to remember. It gives my husband and I a laugh sometimes when she wants to watch Dora and we tell her no. She looks at us. We wait for the tantrum to begin. But, all she says is, "tv...nappers". Yes, my little darling, the tv is tired and needs to take a nap.


Ado said...

I love that - "Dora is tired and is still sleeping"! If you don't mind I think I might borrow it to use with my youngest daughter. (-:

Happy SITS day to you!
- Ado

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