Thursday, September 24, 2009

Staying Sane in the Midst of Chaos

Did you ever wonder if you have more than your share of bad luck? It is as though Murphy's law was written just for me. Nothing seemed to go right yesterday. I attempted to give my 2 month old her vitamin (through a dropper of course). I set her in her swing where she loves to be thinking she would be more agreeable there. Note to self: Don't attempt this after just nursing her. It was going really well. I was dispensing it slowly. My older daughter used to hate this and would just spit it out. It has a horrendous cherry smell (probably why I am not fond of anything cherry, a holdover from my own childhood). I digress. As I finished squeezing the contents of the dropper into her mouth, she projectile vomited everywhere. At that moment I hear my two year old from the other room yelling out, "Mommy I got poopies". Seriously, Calgon take me away. I. MEAN. NOW.

Which crisis do I handle first? My youngest daughter whose clothes are soaked with vomit (who is smiling at me, can you believe it?) or my oldest who is known to strip off her clothes and go running around the room after having a poopy diaper? Since my oldest is getting better about keeping her clothes on, thank you potty training, I dealt with my youngest first and kept an ear and an eye out for a streaker. Needless to say I got both girls cleaned up and changed within ten minutes. I'm learning how fast I can really hustle when the need arises.


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