Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Need a Butler

As an alum of KU I get their alumni newsletter. In a recent issue, they featured an alum of KU who made a name for herself selling her handbags. Her name is Jen Groover. I love her bags. They are called Butler bags and are for those women who strive to stay uber organized. I couldn't afford her Bouture line which starts at $800 and is popular with many Hollywood celebrities. She does have a more affordable line called the Boutique line. I want the Black Hybrid from her 2009 collection. It is $165 but it is a lot less than a lot of the designer purses on the market such as Coach and Dooney & Burke. It is also a larger handbag and made of leather. They are very stylish. The best part is the compartments inside the bag and the fact that it zips instead of snaps. Unfortunately the black is always out of stock when I frequent the site. After just visiting the site today I realized that they are available in select boutiques and there is a store in Emmaus that carries them called All Bright Ideas. There is also an interactive tool on the site that lets you put items you carry in the bag of your choice to help you determine which bag would work best for you.


Julie said...

Avon is selling a great low cost Butler bag from less than $40... check it out. www.youravon.com/jbaily

J. L. H. said...

I checked it out. It's a pretty stylish bag. I think I may have to buy one:)

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