Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Do you find yourself finding cheesy gifts for your husband and father of your children, your father-in-law, or your dad when Father's Day rolls around?  Do they like a particular sport or team, Harleys, or have a particular hobby?  Do they already have fifty Eagles t-shirts, hats, beer glasses, and every other piece of paraphernalia ever made.  After all,  you helped grow that collection every time a holiday or birthday presented itself.  Stuck now with what to buy someone who has everything and tired of buying them the same old thing?

Here are some unique (and not so unique) Father's Day gift ideas.

Put Dad in the Driver's Seat
Is he interested in Nascar or Indy?  A chance to ride in a stock car at a local race track would get his engine going with excitement. Excitations, Indy Racing Experience, Mario Andretti Racing Experience, and Cloud 9 Living all offer different experiences and packages.

Does he like to golf? Buy him a golf lesson with a pro at a local golf course.   Is he a thrill seeker at heart?  Take him on a whitewater rafting trip with the family.  Is there something your dad has always wanted to learn? Sign him up for a class or for private lessons with an instructor.

Event tickets
If dad is a sports fan, buy him sporting events tickets. If he likes musicals or shows, buy him tickets to a local play.  Is his favorite band coming to town?  Surprise him with tickets.

Cell phone
Does he need a new cell phone or does he just want an upgrade?  This can be an unexpected treat considering all the bells and whistles that the new phones come with. 

The Coolest Wallet Ever
The ACM wallet is the perfect wallet for any man to help him stay organized.  Your husband will no longer pull out a grungy looking credit card out of his wallet.  This wallet is designed to keep his cards looking new.  It looks like a mini cell phone case that with the push of a button dispenses a card.  It also has a money clip to hold his money.  You can even buy a sheepskin leather case for the wallet just like a cell phone.

Wireless Sports Scoreboard
Does the man in your life love baseball and is constantly flipping channels to hear or see the scores of his favorite teams.  Now he can get them in the palm of his hand.  The Brookstone Sportscast Wireless Baseball Scoreboard will keep him up to date.  The scores are sent wirelessly to the device for free and they are updated every half inning. Frontgate also sells a Football Sportscast Wireless Baseball Scoreboard.

Many men consider their watch to be a necessary accessory.  Is it time for a new one?  Maybe consider splurging on a nice watch that the man in your life would not consider buying for himself.

Photo Gifts
Digital photo frames for the office, digital photo frame keychains, puzzles, and mugs are always good personalized gift ideas for dads.

Universal Remote Control
The newer universal remote controls have touch screens and can control DVD players, tvs, surround sound systems, and even game systems.  One touch and you have what you want at your fingertips.  No need for five different remotes (uh-ahem dust catchers).

A Life History
With the help of other family members, collect stories and photographs of your loved one's life from funny tales from when he was a kid to serious stories about something heroic he once did.  Create a hardback book to present to them for Father's Day by using Kodak, Shutterfly, or any of the other photo sites. If your really crafty, you can create a scrapbook with the stories and pictures.

Favorite Meal
He may have a favorite restaurant that you usually don't like to go to (maybe that sports bar across town) or he loves something that his mom always made for dinner.  Take him there for a special treat or try to make his favorite recipe or meal.  He'll appreciate it.

Any other gift ideas that you have in mind for Father's Day?  Please share them.


The Drama Mama said...

Well I had planned on getting him this super fantastic Steelers "#1 Dad" shirt but unless I order it tonight, it's not happening. Maybe we will get him a new wallet...

blueviolet said...

The event tickets is one of my fave ideas!

Lourie said...

I made my FIL a photo book through Shutterfly. It was free...in fact, I think the offer is good through the 21 st. If you keep the book to 20 pages you only have to pay for shipping. The book itself is $23.99. I paid $8.55 for shipping.

parenting ad absurdum said...

Thanks for a great list - event tickets are a perfect idea - so hard to buy my guy stuff!

J. L. W. said...

My husband and grandfather are so hard to buy for so I always try to think outside the box.

I love Shutterfly! We bought everyone photo books for Christmas and everyone raved about them.

Mickymar said...

Excellent gifting ideas! A life history, that is just the coolest idea, I would have not thought of that. Great to give when getting married, and starting a new chapter in life.

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