Sunday, June 6, 2010

Making Money From Home Book Review

I recently reviewed Making Money From Home by Donna Partow.  The book is written from the perspective of a Christian woman who has been successful at managing several home-based businesses.  Her advice is based on what has contributed to her success.  This book is directed at moms who have toyed with the idea of working from home but are unsure how to choose and set up their own business. 

The book is separated into four parts: Foundations of a Home-Based Business, Exploring Your Options, Business Basics, Marketing Your Business, and Family First. Each chapter concludes with questions to help the reader reflect on what the chapter was about and to help them apply what they have learned in their creation of a home business. 

I liked that the author included websites and additional resources for the reader to do further research on the topics addressed in the book.  At times though, I felt that she was peddling her website since it was mentioned periodically.  She also included tips and stories from other home-based business owners.

Besides addressing more traditional work at home businesses (such as direct sales), she also included possible sources of income that I had never really thought of before.  Examples included selling informational products such as e-books, special reports, and audio files.  She also included information on affiliate marketing.  I did feel she focused mostly on business owners' online presence.  Very little information was provided about the legalities (zoning, trademarks, permits, and regulations) of owning your own business so more research would be necessary if you were a prospective business owner.

Blogging moms (including those who do not monetize their blog or own a business) will find her chapter on blogging full of useful information.  She addresses possible post topics, tips for great blog posts, and SEO.

This book serves as an overview of how to start up your own business.  If you already have your own business, this book can help you figure out if you could be doing more to make your business prosper.  While no magic answers are supplied about how to become rich, you will find great tips to help you get planning on starting your own business and tips on how to balance your business with your family life once your business is up and running.

*I was provided a copy of this book through the Tyndale Blog Network in order to write an honest and accurate review.  No other compensation was or will be recieved.


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Thanks for the review. This looks like a great resource for the home-business owner to consult, full of useful tips!

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