Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WW: Enjoying the Sun


 A little bit of this and that in the sun.

Emily loves to be outside.  She was "helping" her daddy with a construction project the one day.  

It is hard to believe Madison will be one in a little over a month.  I barely remember holding her in my arms as an infant and yet I can still remember Emily as an infant.  Once Madison was born, everything seemed to blur a bit. 

As for the poodle hat, it is usually in Emily's dress-up box.  Her daddy had told her she could wear it to the park.  When the two of them came outside, I asked my husband what the deal was with the hat.  His response, "What?!?! She wanted to wear it."  Of course, she refuses to wear sun hats or baseball hats.  Yet, on this particular day, she refused to take that hat off.  She wore it ALL day long.  Win some, lose some.  But, I have to say she does look kind of cute.  She certainly garnered a lot of attention at the playground.  

We pulled her tricycle out so she could ride it in the driveway.  Note the safety packaging!

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pam said...

My kids love to get outside and play too. It is good for them too.

Lourie said...

I will often reflect on things Kristin did as a baby/toddler etc. It's because I wrote it down, I savored more than I realized. Then my Emily will ask me what she did at that age. And I draw a blank. I try real hard to remember. And now with the third one...I think I wrote stuff in his baby book for the first 6 weeks. It's just crazy. And time goes super fast. I guess that is why we take pictures/videos so we can at least have our memories jogged. haha.

blueviolet said...

It's so cute that she wore the hat ALL day long!

parenting ad absurdum said...

Gorgeous - I need to get my and my kids' butts outside asap - even with the Seattle drizzle!

J. L. W. said... know I don't think I have written anything in Madison's baby book for about 3 months. I better get on that.

Buckeroomama said...

It's funny how they would refuse to wear hats to suddenly wanting to wear hats all the time! :) That's how my girl was, too.

The Drama Mama said...

Ohhh these are so cute!! I adore that poodle hat.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Adorable pics!! And so sweet that she actually wore her hat all day!

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