Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WW: I *Heart* You & Want to Drive My Tractor

As you have probably noticed, I am playing  "a MEME a day" this week.  I am working on some blog housekeeping (Wordpress here I come) and some regular housekeeping to.  We're going through some schedule changes (ah-hm...some early 5 am risers need to go back to sleep) and party planning (my baby is turning one). My regular blogging hours have been temporarily interrupted.

These photos were taken this weekend. Em and her cousin had so much fun riding around in his birthday toy.  She sat like such a little lady.  At least until he got off of the tractor.  Then, she hopped over into the driver's seat and away she went. I held my breath a few times but her cousin was an excellent driver.  Em-not so much.

I had bought Em a little Jeep at a yard sale.  She is still a little young so I thought a used one would be good. It needed a battery though according to the man selling it.  It was a $200 toy that I got for $40.    A little to good to be true since batteries (when you buy the charger to) can cost about $70.  The man selling it said batteries only cost about $25 for two.  Then, it turned out that the Jeep was from 1989 and that it had been recalled since they have electrical problems and could start a fire.  Amazingly, they still honored the recall when I called.  Now we need to get it to the center where they can replace the batteries and the connectors. Hopefully, it starts when that is all said and done...

There is something comforting about the fact that a company will still honor recalls for several years after the recall was done AND when the item is secondhand (yes, I was honest).

Have you ever had any experiences with recalls after a long length of time has passed or funny motorized vehicle stories starring your kids?

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blueviolet said...

That's fantastic they honored the recall, and very wise of you to have checked into it in the beginning.

Lourie said...

Wow! That is very impressive. I have had things with recalls before but they were never used. So impressed by that.

Anonymous said...

what a great company -- love buying things second hand!
happy ww!

Together We Save said...

Wow - I am surprised they honored the recall!! That is great!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That is so cool they honored that! That is awesome customer service.

We have a Barbie car that Emily still squeezes into and takes Sarah for rides! I hold my breath too.

The Drama Mama said...

Scooby's crib was recalled not once, but twice, and I missed it both times, but the store I bought it from still honored the recall even though they couldn't even find a price for it anymore!! It's super when it works out like that.

I love the picture of the two kids on the tractor, too. So cute.

The Drama Mama said...

Pssstt: I have something for you at my place.

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