Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prima Princessa DVD Review & Giveaway

Most little girls dream of becoming ballerinas and twirl around the living room pretending they are on stage.  Today, Prima Princessa, founded by two mom-entrepreneurs, is re-releasing their Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake DVD.

Prima Princessa, an animated fairy, introduces little girls to the enchanting world of the Paris Opera Ballet as they dance to Peter Tschaikovsky's music in Swan Lake.  In between each act, beginner ballet steps such as pirouettes and jetes are demonstrated by the talented students of the School of American Ballet.  The names of the dance steps are displayed on the screen so older children can read and recognize them. There is also a collage of Little Prima Princessa Ballerinas dancing, animals, and toys as the music plays. 

The Prima Princessa narrates the story.  The story of Swan Lake centers around Prince Seigfried and Odette, the Swan Queen.  Seigfried goes into the forest with the crossbow given to him as a birthday gift by his mother who has informed him he will need to choose a bride at the ball that is fast approaching.  He sits by Swan Lake and watches the swans who turn into girls as darkness falls. The girls have been cursed by an evil sorcerer, von Rothbart.  The lake iteself was formed by the girls' parents' tears.

Odette, the Swan Queen and Prince Seigfried fall in love.  At dawn, the prince makes Odette promise to come to the ball where he will proclaim his intention of making her his bride thus defeating the sorcerer and his spell.  The sorcerer tries to trick the prince by disguising his daughter, Odile, as Odette so that the prince will proclaim his love to the fake Odette. Odette witnesses his proclamation of love and flees the ball.  When the prince sees Odette, he realizes he has made a grave error. As with most fairy tales, there is a happy-ever-after ending to this timeless tale.

My daughter, Emmy loves to dance around in her little princess dress with tutus underneath so that they poof around her as she spins.  Prima Princessa entranced her for 40 minutes.  She is only 2 1/2 and not quite old enough to take dance classes.  My daughter tried to mimic the dancers' kicks and spins.  At one point she asked to dance with our 8 month old so I stood her up and Emmy pretended to dance with her as the prince and Odette danced onscreen. She was having so much fun.  Of course, she had to switch costumes halfway through.  At the end, she was pretending to be a "fairy ballerina" just like Prima Princessa and even flapping "her wings" like the "swans".  Prima Princessa was the perfect introduction to dance for my little daughter.  This is definitely a DVD that she will want to watch again and again.

The Prima Princessa website also has a ballet dictionary, coloring pages, and a teacher's guide for dance instructors.  To purchase your own copy of Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake visit Amazon.com or Target.com.  For additional places to obtain a copy, visit the Prima Princessa website.

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Having children the kids age doing the dance steps not just an instructor
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Kristen said...

I learned that kids demonstrating to children is a great way to learn.


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I learned that they use real ballet footage and real kids to help show the steps. Looks like fun!

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mandala said...

Learned that School of American Ballet students are featured demonstrating basic ballet steps in all of the Prima Princessa Presents DVDs, and they are also featured in our book “Ballet for Beginners.” Cool!


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